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    Starting Methods For Different Type Diesel Generator

    Diesel generator set is a kind of power supply equipment which takes diesel engine as the prime mover and drags synchronous generator to generate electricity. It has the characteristics of high stand-alone capacity, high power, simple maintenance, compact structure, etc.

    The starting of the diesel generator is to rotate the crankshaft of the diesel engine by manpower or other power to make the piston reciprocate up and down in the top closed cylinder. TheDiesel generator piston completes four strokes in its movement: the intake stroke, the compression stroke, the combustion and work (expansion) stroke and the exhaust stroke. When the piston is moving downwards, the intake valve opens and the fresh air filtered by the air filter enters the cylinder to complete the intake stroke. The piston moves from bottom to top, the intake and exhaust valves are closed, the air is compressed, the temperature and pressure increase, and the compression process is completed. When the piston is about to reach the top, the injector sprays the filtered fuel into the combustion chamber in a mist form and mixes with the high-temperature and high-pressure air to immediately ignite and burn itself. Then the high pressure pushes the piston down and pushes the crankshaft rotate, which completes the work stroke.

    According to different control systems, diesel generators are divided into open-frame type, fully automatic type, one-button type, etc. This article mainly introduces how the diesel generator starts.

    For Open-frame Diesel Generator

    The open-frame diesel generator is composed of diesel engine assembly, motor assembly and base. It is commonly used in low-power diesel generator sets. Open frame diesel generator needs checking all water, oil and air switches are in OFF gear before starting. Turn on the starter key, check if the power supply battery is charged and then start pumping oil. When there is a sense of pressure and oil flows out of the return pipe, press the start button and adjust the throttle screw, so that the meter voltage on the motor shows 400v and the speed is 1500 rpm. Fix the throttle screw at a frequency of about 50hz, turn on the air switch and the power. During this period, it should be checked whether the sound of the diesel generator set is normal, and whether there is leakage in the water and oil circuits.

    For Fully Automatic Diesel Generator

    Fully automatic diesel generator set refers to the addition of ATS control cabinet on the basis of open-frame diesel generator set, or the use of integrated control system for silent box type diesel generator set. This kind of control system is relatively more intelligent. It can automatically start and stop according to the situation of the mains; and it can protect the diesel generator set in real time and give an alarm when a fault occurs. The starting methods of this control system is divided into automatic mode and manual mode.Diesel generator

    Automatic Mode

    After connecting the mains signal line, turn the knob of the control system interface to the automatic position, and press the AUTO button under the control panel. The diesel generator set will detect the mains in real time. When the mains power fails, the system will automatically start the diesel generator set.

    Manual Mode

    First, select the manual gear in the control panel and select the low position in the low /high speed gear. Then use the starter key to turn on the power, press the manual mode, start the unit and check the water and oil circuits during the idling operation. Finally adjust to high speed mode and observe whether the display data voltage, frequency, speed, etc. are normal. Turn on the changeover switch for normal power use. When you need to stop the machine, first disconnect the load, select low speed gear, and then press the stop button. The diesel generator set in this mode will have a separate emergency stop button on the control interface. When a fault occurs, press this button first, check whether there is a problem, and then reset and restart.

    For One-button Diesel Generator

    This type of control system for diesel generator sets is close to the manual mode of the fully automatic type, which requires manual closing.

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