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    Why are Diesel Generators Efficient?

    Diesel engines have been used in many industries and equipment since they were produced, including generators powered by diesel engines. The diesel-powered generators have no spark plugs, and their efficiency comes from compressed air. We all know that diesel-fueled internal combustion engines ignite the atomized fuel by injecting diesel into the combustion chamber, and the temperature of the compressed air in the cylinder increases, so it can burn instantly without spark ignition. Also, due to the high energy density content of diesel, diesel can provide more power than gasoline when burning the same volume of fuel.

    Portable diesel generator

    The high compression ratio of diesel allows the engine to extract more power from the fuel during hot exhaust gas expansion. The greater compression ratio of diesel increases the performance and power of the diesel engine, which directly increases the power output, reduces fuel consumption, and provides economical performance.

    Moreover, diesel generator sets powered by diesel engines usually only require simple daily maintenance. The maintenance cost is relatively low, and the diesel engine is easier to maintain due to the sparkless ignition system. At the same time, it also enhances the reliability and stability of the diesel generator, even in cooler climates. It can run reliably for a long time, for example, an 1800 rpm water-cooled diesel unit can run for 12,000 to 30,000 hours before needing major maintenance so that its service life can be extended. The diesel engine is so efficient that it is the right choice for everyone!

    As we all know, fuel cost and availability, durability, safety, low maintenance and reliability directly affect the daily life of generators, therefore, the selected diesel generator needs to have the following advantages:

    • More energy saving and fuel-saving: Diesel is known for its fuel efficiency. Diesel generators burn half as much fuel like natural gas generators yet deliver the same power, making them a great choice for any industrial project.
    • Safer: Safety is always the number one factor when using generators on construction sites or in buildings. Diesel is a safer fuel to store and use.
    • Lower maintenance and maintenance requirements: One of the benefits of diesel generators is their low maintenance costs.¬†The portable diesel generators do not use spark plugs or carburetors, which means fewer moving parts to replace or fix without extensive maintenance and servicing.
    • More durable: In addition to low maintenance, diesel generators have a great advantage of being used longer. With proper care and proper use, it can withstand heavy daily use and will last for many years.
    • Provide a more reliable power supply: Whether you're using your generator as backup power at a construction site or business, or for work on the Jobsite, diesel generators provide a reliable power supply.

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