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    How to Maintain and Storage a Diesel Generator?

    For the generator working in order, maintenance at fixed period is very important. The diesel generator is consisted of a diesel engine, alternator, control panel, frame, etc. Please read the relative manual for the maintenance.

    Before maintaining the generator, stop the engine. The surrounding condition of the generator is of better ventilation because engine exgaust includes harmful CO. After stopping the generator, clean it immediately to prevent corrosion and remove the sediment.

    • Change lube oil: 20 hours for the first time and 100 hours for the next three times and 200 hours for normal operation. Loosen oi-drained plug located at the bottom of cylinder block when the engine is at hot state. After removing the used lube oil, screw in the plug and add the stipulated oil.
    • Change the air cleaner element: Do not clean the element with the detergent.
    • Change fuel filter: Often clean the fuel filter to ensure that the engine can deliver maximum power. A. Close fuel switch. B. Change the element by loosening the covers of the oil/water separator.
    • Re-checking the bolt re-tightened moment of the cylinder head with a unique tool, shown in the engine manual
    • Check the injector and fuel pump
    • Adjust the clearance of intake 1 exhaust valves
    • Grind the intake/exhaust valves
    • Change piston rings: Need a unique tool and the protection should be paid attention to.
    • Check the electrolytic and charge the accumulator: The 12V accumulation, used in the engine, will consume the electrolytic due to charging and discharging continuously.
    • Check the accumulator before starting: The distillatory water can be added to the stipulated limit it necessary. If the accumulator is damaged, exchange it in time.

    9kW 11kVA silent diesel generator

    Storage of diesel generator

    When the ATO diesel generator is not operated for more than three months, it should be stored. After the storage for six months, be restored again as follows.

    • Drain off the fuel and lube oil.
    • Remove the dust and the oily.
    • Clean the crankcase and gear chamber with diesel and kerosene. Then drain off them.
    • Inject rust-proofed oil or lube oil without water(heat the lube oil to about 120 C° till no foam exists.) into the crankcase at the stipulated level. Then run the engine for three minutes to splash the oil to the surface of all moving parts. The last dram off the oil after the engine stopped.
    • Inject rust-proofed oil or lube oil without water into the intake manifold and then rotate the
      engine rapidly. Last make the intake/exhaust valve be a closed state.
    • Dismantle cylinder head cover and brush rock arm etc. with a few rust-proofed oils or lube oil without water.
    • Wrap air cleaner and muffler with wet-proofed paper to prevent dust and moisture from entering.
    • Remove the dust and the oily on the frame and control panel.
    • Take out the key.
    • The generator should be stored in a place with better ventilation, clean, dry, and with no corrosive material nearby.
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