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    Control Transformer: Definition, Advantage and Application

    In low voltage distribution system, control transformer is named because it is used in control system. It is actually a step-down transformer with a variety of output voltages, and can also be used as a low-voltage lighting and signal lamp, indicator power supply. In order to better understand the control transformer, ATO industrial automation will introduce you from three aspects.

    What Is the Purpose of the Control Transformer?

    Electricity, which is immediately changed by the generators of hydroelectric power stations and power producing stations, is widely employed as an energy source in modern industrial businesses. Depending on the transmission distance, the electricity produced by the generators will be transmitted at various voltage levels, hence a special device known as a "control transformer" is required to modify the voltage. It is a conversion tool because, in daily life, the power of various control transformer models is not the same, and the voltage and current limit values used are also different. However, electricity is transmitted from the same location, but the value required for each region is different. As a result, our transformer was developed to address these issues.Here we will take you through the purpose of control transformers.

    Control Transformer Price List

    Control transformers are compact dry-type transformers. It is often applied as a transformer for supplying power to machines, electrical machinery, relays, lighting, etc. As a power supply system for control circuits in electrical equipment. Control transformer is suitable for AC 50Hz/60Hz, voltage 1000V and the following power supply circuit, which can work continuously for a long time at rated value. Control transformers operate on the basic principle of the magnetic effect of current. Control transformer consists of transformer core and coil transmission line. It has two coils, the primary coil and the secondary coil.  The secondary coil is outside the primary coil. When the primary coil is connected to the AC current, the transformer core creates an alternating electromagnetic field and the secondary coil creates an induced current. It can not only change the voltage of the AC current, but also change the characteristic impedance. And it can change the flow of electricity without exceeding the output power of the design scheme. ATO offers more reliable control transformers at a more affordable price.

    Installation Precautions and Troubleshooting of Control Transformer

    In the machinery industry, almost every machine tool equipment needs to use a control transformer. It is often used as a local lighting power supply, signal lamp or indicator power supply, and as a control circuit power supply in electrical equipment. However, when in use, you may encounter the problem of the control transformer being burned out. What is the cause?

    Control Transformer Working Principle

    Control transformer is a small dry-type transformer, which is mainly used to change the voltage of AC power. It is wound by an iron core and a coil. It can change not only the voltage of the alternating current, but also the impedance. When the design power is not exceeded, the current can also be changed. In different environments, the transformer also has different applications. Generally, it is used as a control lighting and indicator light source for electrical appliances in machine tools and mechanical equipment.