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    How to Test Performance of Automatic Transfer Switch?

    If you own a building with an emergency generator electrical system integrated into its frame, routine automatic transfer switch maintenance is critical to ensure that you can function properly while utilizing the system. Automatic transfer switches monitor the voltage levels of the building's normal power supply and switch to emergency power when these voltage levels fall below a certain preset threshold. If a particularly severe storm or rolling blackout disrupts your main power source, an automatic power transfer switch will seamlessly and efficiently activate your emergency power system. So how do you test the performance of auto transfer switch?

    Automatic Transfer Switch Troubleshooting

    Automatic transfer switches play a vital role in emergency power supply systems. These devices aid in the safe transfer of power from mains or mains to backup generators. After the automatic transfer system detects a power failure, it invokes a backup power source as an intermediary between the device and the power source. These steps are reversed when returning to regular power. Before changing between sources, the switch will verify that the supply is at the desired parameters and stable. While these devices ensure the safety and reliability of backup power, some issues can prevent the device from working properly. In this article, we will introduce common problems in auto changeover switch.

    What are the Requirements for Switching Time of Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch?

    Dual power automatic transfer switch refers to a device controlled by microprocessor used for switching between network power and network power or network power and generator power in the power grid system, so that the power supply can be continuously supplied. In case of a sudden failure or power failure of the common power supply, the standby power supply can be automatically switched to the standby power supply through the double power switch, so that the equipment can still run normally. The most common are elevator, fire fighting, monitoring, lighting, etc. In this article, we are talking about about what are the requirements for switching time of dual power automatic switch.

    How to Select a Right Automatic Transfer Switch?

    When the switch detects a utility power outage, it can start the generator, automatically transferring the load from the utility grid to the generator. Automatic transfer switches are used to automatically transfer loads from utility power to backup power or backup power in the event of a power outage or as required. A careful selection of switches ensures adequate capability, safety and maximum reliability in both normal and emergency situations. Therefore, factors such as load type, continuous current rating, voltage rating and style must be considered. In addition, price and compatibility must also be considered. In this article, we will introduce some points that you should consider when choosing automatic transfer switch.