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    Automatic Transfer Switch Price List

    Automatic transfer switch is used to automatically switch between common power source and backup power source. It can be used to detect the circuit. When the common power supply fails, the load is automatically switched to connect the backup power by the dual power ATS and can be operating normally. Due to its safe and reliable feature, ATO automatic transfer switch can be widely used in the electrical system.

    How to Debug Automatic Transfer Switch?

    What are the general debugging steps of the automatic transfer switch?

    1. Put the double power on the adjustment table and connect the phase line and neutral line ( zero line).
    2. For three-pole switch connection, the common and spare zero line need to be connected to zero line terminal (NN and RN).
    3. After connecting lines, recheck the lines and then turn on the master switch of the commissioning table, turn on the common and standby power supply.