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    How to Disassemble the Automatic Transfer Switch?

    With the advancement of science and technology, various industries have higher and higher requirements for power supply reliability. Two power sources must be used to ensure the reliability of the power supply in many occasions. In the past, the users of the two way power supply used a manually operated two-way isolation switch on the low voltage side to perform the switch-off operation, so misoperations often occurred and accidents were caused. With the improvement of power supply reliability requirements and the improvement of anti-accident measures, more and more advanced equipment has been put into application in the power supply system. The automatic transfer switch is one such popular device.

    The automatic transfer switch is automatically connected to the backup power supply through the dual power switch in the event of a sudden power failure, so that our operation can continue to operate. Its purpose is to use a common power supply and a backup power supply. In the event of a sudden failure or power failure of the common power supply, the dual power supply switch is automatically put into the standby power supply so that the equipment can still operate normally. The most common applications are elevators, fire protection, monitoring, and UPS uninterruptible power supplies used in banks, but their backup is a battery pack.

    Next, let's try to disassemble an automatic transfer switch to see its internal structure.

    Loosen the two screws on the side and carefully pull out the circuit breaker on one side. The left side is the same way.

    Disassembly of Automatic Transfer Switch

    It has the bracket at the bottom, the control section in the middle, and the circuit breakers on either side. The structure of other models is basically similar.

    Disassembly of Automatic Transfer Switch

    These are its classic wiring diagrams.

    Wiring diagram of automatic transfer switch

    In addition, you can watch the video below for more detailed ATO automatic transfer switch disassembly.

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