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    What are the Requirements for Switching Time of Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch?

    1000 amp dual power automatic transfer switch

    Dual power automatic transfer switch refers to a device controlled by microprocessor used for switching between network power and network power or network power and generator power in the power grid system, so that the power supply can be continuously supplied. In case of a sudden failure or power failure of the common power supply, the standby power supply can be automatically switched to the standby power supply (the standby power supply can also be powered by the generator under a small load) through the double power switch, so that the equipment can still run normally. The most common are elevator, fire fighting, monitoring, lighting, etc. In this article, we are talking about about what are the requirements for switching time of dual power automatic switch.

    The automatic changeover switch has a delay when switching over the standby power supply, which is mainly used for switching from the main power supply to the standby power supply. And some electrical equipment on the double power automatic switch conversion time is strict requirements, so the double power automatic switch selection must be optimistic about the electrical equipment conversion time. The following is the introduction of some electrical equipment on the dual power ATS automatic transfer switch time requirements. These are the points to pay attention about switching time of dual power automatic switch.

    ATS switching time requirement

    • When the dual power automatic switch has the function of auto-input and auto-recovery, when the main power supply is restored to normal, the double power automatic switch should be switched back to the main power supply after delay. ATO provide dual power automatic switch with different current, such as 1000 amp power automatic switch, 1600 amp power automatic switch and 2000 amp double power automatic switch. The switching times of our auto transfer switches are within reasonable limits.
    • The dual power automatic switch generally does not allow the conversion of large motor or high inductive load, which is switched during operation. When the phase difference between the two power sources is large, the motor will be subjected to huge mechanical stress. At the same time, the overcurrent caused by the back potential generated by the motor will cause the fuse to break or the circuit breaker to trip. Therefore, when the automatic change over with a large motor or high inductive load conversion, the two groups of moving contacts should increase a delay time before conversion, that is, should choose the delay conversion auto transfer switch, the delay time depends on the load.
    • When a generator set is used as the power source for emergency lighting, the total time between the generator start-up and power conversion should not be greater than 15s.
    • When the low-voltage distribution system of the transformer room is operated in a single bus section and busbar switch is set, the total operation time of the double power auto transfer switch should be coordinated with the setting value of the operation time of the busbar switch in the transformer room, and should be more than 0.5-1 seconds longer than the operation time of the contact switch. The action time of the busbar switch in the transformer room is mostly 2.5s, and the total action time of the dual power automatic transfer switch ATS should be more than 3s.
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