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    Wiring RS485 Port of Torque Sensor for Modbus Communication

    ATO digital rotary torque sensor with LCD display has the capacity range from 0.1 Nm/0.3 Nm/1 Nm/5 Nm/10 Nm/300 Nm/1000 Nm to 10000 Nm. LCD display can show torque, speed and power value at the same time. This article shows you how to wire and set a torque sensor in Modbus mode via S484 interface as a walkthrough of one of the applications of ATO torque sensors.

    5 Common Problems in Torque Sensor with Real-time Monitoring Software

    Torque sensor is a kind of precision measuring instrument for measuring various torque, rotational speed and mechanical power. Torque sensors convert physical changes in torque force into accurate electrical signals. With the development of the society, all the measurement signal conditioning is integrated into the sensor, so that it can perform diagnostic processing, including monitoring temperature and mechanical limit values. In this article, we will introduce some common problems in torque sensor working with real-time monitoring software.

    How to Wire and Set a Digital Rotary Torque Sensor?

    ATO digital torque sensor feature a wide capacity range from 0.1/5/300/1000 Nm to 10000 Nm, with optional RS485 as well as other type’s output signals. Equipped with a 7 pin waterproof circular locking connector and 3m cable, the torque sensor can measure both forward and reverse torque. Now, we’re gonna talk about a digital rotary torque sensor from ATO, Model TQS-DYN-200.

    How to Calibrate a Torque Sensor?

    The torque sensor calibration device is divided into two categories: dynamic and static. Dynamic torque sensors can also be called torque sensors, torque-speed sensors, non-contact torque sensors, and rotational torque sensors. Torque sensors are the detection of torsional torque sensing on various rotating or non-rotating mechanical components. ATO torque sensors convert physical changes in torque into precise electrical signals. It can be used in the manufacture of viscometers and electric (pneumatic, hydraulic) torque wrenches, with the advantages of high precision, fast frequency response, good reliability and long life.

    What are the Types of Torque Sensor?

    Torque sensors, also known as torque meters, are divided into two categories: dynamic and static. Dynamic torque sensors can also be called torque sensors, torque speed sensors, non-contact torque sensors, and rotational torque sensors, etc. Today we will introduce two types of torque sensor. We hope that after reading this article, you can have a better understanding about a torque sensor.