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    Classification of Fan Heater

    Fan heaters are usually used in factories, workshops and other industrial fields. Industrial fan heater is mainly composed of air heater and fan, using advanced and efficient non-red heating tube, the machine is equipped with imported efficient light touch start switch, easy and reliable operation. Applicable to various types of workshops where air is allowed to recirculate, when the air does not contain dust, flammable gas, it can be used as circulating air heating.

    Industrial fan heater is the first choice of modern industrial heat source upgrade products, is the best hot air source configuration for hot air conveying furnace, drying oven, oven, sealing machine and other automated machinery.

    Type Product
    Power Heating Area Applications
    Electric electric fan heater 2kW/3kW/5kW/9kW/15kW 40m3-300m3  living room, garden or other industrial fields
    Diesel  diesel fan heater 20kW/30kW/40kW/50kW/65kW 400m3-1300m3 warehouse, factories and workshops

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    It's important to know what classification it has when select fan heaters, and then according to the application of the scene to choose the right product.

    1. Industrial disel fan heater: can be used for industrial heating or drying, diesel or kerosene as fuel, burning to produce heat, to achieve the purpose of heating and drying, which is more burning diesel. Oil heater can be divided into two types of direct-fired and inter-fired, of which the direct-fired type is used more. Power 20-100kw ranging.
    2. Industrial electric fan heater: such as 9kW industrial fan heater general in workshop, indoor work commonly used a heating method, high power, large heating area, rapid heating, no noise, no oxygen consumption, is a convenient heating equipment. Voltage small power for 220V, high power for 380V, power generally ranging from 5KW to 30KW.
    3. Industrial gas fan heater: fuel for liquefied petroleum gas, through the combustion of heat generated by the wind volume non-stop delivery of hot air, the outlet temperature is higher, suitable for a larger area heating or drying, etc.. Types are ordinary removable, but also umbrella-shaped.
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