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    Fan Heater: Selection Guide and Using Tips

    As the climate becomes colder, heating has become a problem for many companies, especially now that the winter haze is aggravated, the country is gradually screening coal heating, and industrial fan heaters have become a new choice for many companies.

    In the following passages, ATO industrial automation will introduce how to choose industrial fan heaters and how to use industrial fan heaters properly.

    Selection Guide 

    Industrial fan heater have various powers, so how do users calculate it? The following examples will illustrate the way you can calculate it yourself when you listen to the recommendations of the sales staff.

    Needed calories (Kcal) = V*△t*K
    V= the total volume (area * height) of the heating space, unit is cubic meter.
    △t= the difference between the indoor target temperature and the outdoor temperature, unit is degrees Celsius.
    K= Insulation coefficient.

    • Good insulation: K=0.6——1.0
      Double-layer brick structure, few double-sided insulated glass windows, well-paved ground and good roof insulation.
    • Moderate insulation: K=1.0——2.0
      In general brick wall structure, there are not many windows, and the ground and roof are well insulated.
    • Poor insulation: K=2.0——4.0
      Simple building with many windows, single-layer partitions on the wall and bare ground.

    For example: 300 square meters workshop, 4 meters high. Temperature requirements: 15 degrees, the winter temperature in Texas is minus four degrees.
    V=300*4=1200 cubic meters
    △t=15-(-4)=19 degrees
    K=2 Heat conversion factor 860
    Needed calories (Kcal) = V*△t*k=1200*19*2=45600kcal 45600/860=53kw.
    So choose the machine: One set of 22KW heater and one set of 30KW heater are enough.selection guide and safe use specification of fan heater

    Safety Using Tips

    • Warning: for preventing overheat of the machine, covering the machine while using it is forbidden.
    • The following regulations should be observed when using electrical appliances:
    1. Industrial fan heater cannot be used for outdoor humid weather, bathroom or any other damp places.
    2. Attention: Industrial heaters can become very hot when in use, so it should be away from furniture, curtains or any other flammable stuff.
    3. Industrial fan heater cannot be put right under wall socket.
    4. Do not connect automatically turn on and off timers or other devices with automatic functions.
    5. Industrial fan heater cannot be put in the places or storerooms where include flammable liquid or gas.
    6. If you want to use an extension cord, it must be as short as possible and always be able to fully expand.
    7. The power socket of industrial fan heater cannot connect other devices.
    8. Industrial fan heater cannot directly used in bathroom, toilet or around swimming pool.
    9. If the power core of industrial fan heater is damaged, it must go to the manufacturer or repair department to repair.
    10. Make sure industrial fan heater is supervised when in use, and it must be away from children and animals.
    11. Do not place the electrical appliance in a moving vehicle or some places where it is easy to fall.
    12. When the device has not been used for long, it should unplug electrical appliances. 
    13. Power supply is waterproof, but for preventing possible electric shock or leakage, do not operate the devices or appliances with wet hands.
    14. Do not treat electrical appliances as unsorted municipal waste, and use separate collection facilities, contact the local government that provided information about the collection of available information. If electrical appliances are disposed of in landfills or dumps, harmful substances will penetrate into the groundwater and endanger your health.
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