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    Industrial Fan Heater Price List

    The fan heater is a combined unit composed of ventilator, motor and air heater. Suitable for various types of workshops, when the air does not contain dust and flammable or explosive gases, can be used as circulating air heating. The heating fan can be used as heating independently. It is generally used to supplement the insufficient part of the radiator or use the radiator as on-duty heating, and the waste heat load is borne by the fan heater.

    Two types of industrial fan heater can be provided in ATO store: electric fan heater and diesel fan heater. Each fan heater comes in a different model. Here is the price list of ATO fan heater.

    Electric Fan Heater Price List:

    Product SKU Power Air Output Heating Area Price
    Industrial electric fan heater ATO-FH-02 2 kW 120 m3/h 40m3 $145.63
    ATO-FH-03 3 kW 280 m3/h 60m3 $206.18
    ATO-FH-05 5 kW 320 m3/h 100m3 $298.55
    ATO-FH-09 9 kW 708 m3/h 180m3 $368.24
    ATO-FH-15 15 kW 1292 m3/h 300m3 $536.17

    Diesel Fan Heater Price List:

    Product SKU Power Fuel Tank Heating Area Price
    Industrial diesel fan heater ATO-FH-020 20 kW 19L 400m3 $587.43
    ATO-FH-030 30 kW 38L 600m3 $693.18
    ATO-FH-040 40 kW 38L 800m3 $755.53
    ATO-FH-050 50 kW 50L 1020m3 $841.36
    ATO-FH-065 65 kW 50L 1300m3 $924.68

    Note: The prices in the table list are for reference only. If you want to get current quotation and other customized products information, please contact us now.

    Fan Heater Safety Use Notice:

    • Industrial fan heater cannot be put right under wall socket.
    • Do not connect automatically turn on and off timers or other devices with automatic functions.
    • Portable fan heater cannot be put in the places or storerooms where include flammable liquid or gas.
    • If you want to use an extension cord, it must be as short as possible and always be able to fully expand.
    • The power socket of industrial electric fan heater cannot connect other devices.
    • Industrial fan heater cannot directly used in bathroom, toilet or around swimming pool.
    • If the power core of industrial fan heater is damaged, it must go to the manufacturer or repair department to repair.
    • Make sure diesel fan heater is supervised when in use, and it must be away from children and animals.
    • Do not place the electrical appliance in a moving vehicle or some places where it is easy to fall.
    • When the 2kW fan heater has not been used for long, it should unplug electrical appliances.
    • Power supply is waterproof, but for preventing possible electric shock or leakage, do not operate the 9 kW fan heater or appliances with wet hands.
    • Do not treat electrical appliances as unsorted municipal waste, and use separate collection facilities. If electrical appliances are disposed of in landfills or dumps, harmful substances will penetrate into the groundwater and endanger your health.
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