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    Working Principle of Fan Heater

    Industrial fan heater refers to electric heating equipment used in industrial fields such as factories and workshops. It is mainly composed of air heaters and fans. It uses advanced and efficient non-red  electric heating tubes. The machine is equipped with imported high-efficiency light trigger switches,  which are easy and reliable to operate. It is suitable for all types of workshops where air is allowed to recirculate. When the air does not contain dust or flammable gas, it can be used as circulating air for heating. Industrial heaters are the first choice for modern industrial heat source upgrades, and are the best hot air source configuration for hot air conveying furnaces, drying furnaces, ovens, packaging machines and other automated machinery.

    Industrial fan heater is a device that can emit warm air. Generally speaking, the temperature is about 70-300°C. It contains three parts: Heating, blowing, temperature and blowing control and protection. It is suitable for forced circulation air heating in various types of workshops and large buildings. It can bring the room temperature to the required temperature in a short time. It is an ideal heating equipment for modern plants, restaurants, theaters and other tall buildings. The heater has microcomputer and PID temperature control, high uniformity, no temperature flushing, energy saving, high-quality stainless steel and steel plate in the inner tank, beautiful and novel in appearance. Industrial fan heater is also an energy conversion equipment, input the energy to the heater can be in the form of chemical energy in the fuel, electric energy, and thermal energy of high-temperature flue gas. After the heater is converted, it outputs warm air, hot air and high-temperature air with certain thermal energy. The fan heater includes two parts: the combustion system and the fan. The combustion system produces a huge transformation and then the fan blows out the transformation. The hot air generated in the heater can directly provide the required heat or heating for industrial production and people’s lives.

    working principle of fan heater

    The working principle is the same as that of the fuel oil model. The gas industrial heater also has a combustion chamber, ignition system, gas supply system, motor, safety device, etc. open the device on control board, and then the fan is turned on for prepurge. The equipment then informs the ignition transformer to work and continues to discharge to produce sparks. At this time, it informs the safety valve to open. The gas passes through the safety valve and enters the combustion chamber. After touching the spark, it burns. Photoelectric induction performs internal flame induction in the machine to sense the flame combustion state. After the whole work is completed.

    The nozzle of industrial fan heater is big, which is full of burning holes. When the air goes through the safety valve, it will also passes through these small holes and enters the combustion chamber to produce flames. Then Nozzle, ignition and safety valve make up to be a simple burner. Ignition system which is composed of an ignition town and a set of high-voltage discharge devices. There are two types of single-pole ignition and two-pole ignition. Gas equipment is generally equipped with single-pole ignition, which discharges directly to the nozzle. When gas flows through, it can be easy to light.

    As fuel oil model, industrial fan heater also includes separate oxygen supply type (independent motor connected to the external environment) and direct oxygen supply type (oxygen supplied by indoor air), while most equipment are direct oxygen supply type, then the motors play the role as oxygen supply. They also are responsible for delivery large flow of ventilation to the room.

    All gas industrial heater products are equipped with photoelectric sensor protection, temperature overheat protection, power cut off gas source protection and other devices, photoelectric sensor is in charge of detecting the flame inside the combustion chamber, when it feels flameless combustion is happening, it will automatically cut off the gas source for preventing gas leak. Temperature overheating device is responsible for detecting the working temperature inside the machine, when the internal temperature exceeds the dangerous value, the equipment will immediately stop burning, but the fan will continue to dissipate heat to protect the service life of the equipment, also accidental power failure equipment will automatically cut off the gas source to ensure that the gas is not leaked. These devices ensure the safe operation of the equipment during work.

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