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    What is Mini Linear Actuator?

    A mini linear actuator refers to a transmission device with a small volume and a small stroke. When searching for electric actuators, customers will add a mini in front. When some customers inquire through email, the most important thing they concern about is the installation size and stroke length. Generally, the installation size is required to be small, and the stroke can be different according to different customization.

    Miniature electric linear actuator

    The Size

    The mini linear actuator can generally have the size within 150mm-1500mm, thus having convenient installation and compact structure. Compared with common electric linear actuators used in industrial fields, mini linear actuators are generally used in smart homes and medical equipment. For example, one customer wanted to use it on the medical bed to move it, and he provided the corresponding parameters and information. In addition, it can be applied to kitchen lifting tables and hobs that can be raised and lowered freely. This product can be customized according to the requirements of different heights, which is fully in line with the principles of ergonomics.

    Miniature linear actuator dimension

    The Stroke

    The stroke of a mini linear actuator is generally between 10mm-1500mm. Of course, if you want a longer stroke, you can also customize it. It is only required to increase the screw length or increase the push rod length. A customer needed an linear actuator to push an object at a height of 2.5 meters, ATO customized it specifically, provided a reasonable solution, and helped its company complete the automated process equipment. The mini linear actuator with a stroke of 10mm is generally applied to toys, such as the aircraft, which is rather hot recently. With it, the landing gear can automatically retract and recover. In addition, it can also be used on toy SUVs and so on, and customers will require to put it on school bags. Because the development of new products requires a 100mm stroke, it is packed in a box, and we need to cooperate and give assistance.

    The Load (Thrust)

    The load of mini linear actuator is generally between 10N-6000N, which is equivalent to a thrust of less than 5,000 kg. Of course, the industrial linear actuator can have a highest thrust of more than 15000N, which is equivalent to a force of 1.5T. Why is the motor so small but can exert so high force? Here, we have to mention the gear reduction ratio. Generally, the reduction ratio of a small electric actuator is 1: 6. There are 3 gears in the motor. The motor drives the small gears, rotates and drives the middle gears, and finally drives the big gear, which is exactly the push rod. Gears are made of iron or aluminum alloys or other solid materials. This principle is like the reduction ratio of a bicycle. The same force and the same amount of force are used to change the gearbox, so that the speed will be slower or faster. ATO cooperated manufacturers have 30 years of manufacturing experience, and can customize the load differently. Our electric motor production line uses automated production process equipment to ensure a rapid response to customer delivery.

    The Speed

    The speed of small electric linear actuator is generally between 15mm/s-45mm/s. There is a law to be explained to customers. Customers often call to request that the speed should be fast, the thrust should be high, and the noise should be small. Such a requirement is equivalent to a customer selling shoes requires water proof, ventilation, light weight and endurance. Small electric actuators follow the laws of physics. The longer the stroke, the slower the speed, the greater the thrust, the slower the speed, the larger the load, and the louder the noise. Therefore, when you customize a mini linear actuator with fast speed requirements, you need to have a certain mental expectations on the stroke.

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