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    Dehumidifier for Basement

    The basement is a common but special site. Nowadays, the utilization rate of the basement is increasing year by year. At the same time, it is a special site. Because it is lower than the ground, hidden in the ground, the room temperature is low, and the ventilation is not very good. Therefore, the humidity in the basement is generally higher than the ground, and some even have excessive humidity, which seriously affects various production and life activities in the basement. Therefore, we urgently need to deploy a dehumidifier in the basement for dehumidification.

    Today, we will briefly discuss how to appropriately use the dehumidifier in the basement. It is recommended that the corresponding model can be selected according to the different functions of the basement.

    1. Living entertainment and office business functions

    The basement of these functions is recommended to use a home dehumidifier. It is especially suitable for small area dehumidification. It has novel and beautiful appearance, and extremely low noise. Meanwhile, it uses R134A environmentally friendly household refrigerant, which is economical, environmentally friendly and low energy consumption. Under the premise of ensuring the functional use of the site, the indoor humidity can be controlled in an ideal range. What’s more, in addition to conventional domestic dehumidifiers, ceiling-mounted dehumidifiers or round-type fresh air dehumidifiers can also be configured to hide the dehumidifiers in the ceiling, so that the indoor decoration effect is not affected and the appearance is more beautiful.

    2. Storage function

    This type of basement is mainly used for storing various items. When dehumidifying indoors, it is sometimes necessary to indirectly dehumidify items to achieve better dehumidification and moisture resistance. Therefore, the configuration of the dehumidification amount needs to be slightly larger than the normal case. It is recommended to use commercial dehumidifiers, with a power of about 2kw. It shall have high dehumidification capacity, compact size and convenient movement. It can be used alternately in different rooms, and the application is flexible. ATO offers various commercial dehumidifiers 110 pints, 120 pints,..., 250 pints, which are suitable different sizes of basements.

    Commercial Dehumidifiers

    3. Workshops, or underground garages or large warehouses

    This type of basement is characterized by a large basement area and more specific humidity requirements. Therefore, professional industrial dehumidifiers are recommended. Professional industrial dehumidifiers have better refrigeration performance and larger circulating air volume, which can quickly drive indoor air flow, make dehumidification faster, and have more accurate control. The single unit power is also above 3kw, and it uses the high-power compressors and professional industrial centrifugal fans with famous brands. The disadvantage is that industrial dehumidifiers pay attention to their own functions and are relatively simple in appearance, so they are more suitable for industries having no high appearance requirement.

    Industrial Dehumidifiers for Basements

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