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    How to Avoid Problems when Using a Magnetic Stirrer?

    Laboratory Magnetic StirrerMagnetic stirrer is a very common instrument in experimental equipment. No matter what kind of instrument is used, there will be many different problems. So how to effectively avoid the problems in the use of magnetic stirrer?

    The magnetic stirrer is suitable for stirring or heating and stirring at the same time. It is suitable for liquid or solid-liquid mixture with low viscosity. It uses the principle of magnetic field and vortex to put the liquid into the container. When the base generates a magnetic field, it drives the stirring bar to form a circle. Circular movement to achieve the purpose of stirring the liquid. The equipment is equipped with a temperature control device, which can control and maintain the sample temperature according to specific experimental requirements, help the experimenter to set the experimental conditions, and greatly improve the possibility of experimental repeatability.

    In order to effectively avoid problems when using a magnetic stirrer, the following matters need to be paid attention to.

    1. Generally, the heating time should not be too long, the intermittent use will prolong life, and the heating will not be performed without stirring.
    2. The medium-speed operation can work continuously for 8 hours, and the high-speed operation can work continuously for 4 hours, preventing severe vibration during work.
    3. The instrument should be kept clean and dry. It is strictly forbidden for the solution to flow into the machine to avoid damage to the machine. The power supply should be cut off when it is not working.
    4. In use, it should be ensured that the power socket should be a three-hole safety socket and must be properly grounded.
    5. When using it for the first time, first check whether the accessories of the instrument are complete, such as stirrer, power cord, etc., according to the instrument manual.
    6. When adjusting the speed, it should be gradually adjusted from low speed to high speed, and do not start directly at high speed, so as to prevent the stirrer from being out of synchronization and causing jumping.
    7. The size of the rotor of the magnetic stirrer ensures that the stirring effect is good, and it should match the size of the beaker.
    8. When you find that the stirrer is beating or not stirring during stirring, please cut off the power supply and check whether the bottom of the beaker is flat and the position is correct. At the same time, please check that the current voltage is between 220V±10V.
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