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    How to Count Number with a Proximity Sensor?

    Proximity sensor is a new type of integrated switch, which is an ideal electronic switch sensor. It has a lot of advantages, including small size, fast frequency response, wide voltage range, strong anti-interference ability, high repositioning accuracy, high operating frequency, reliable operation, long life, low power consumption, corrosion resistance, vibration resistance and adaptability to harsh working environments. What’s more, there will be no friction during the use of the proximity sensor, and will not increase the torque of each sensed element.

    Using Proximity Sensor to Count Number

    This is an ATO proximity sensor.

    Specification: 4mm diameter, NPN NO output, 4mm detection range, and the detection object is metal. This proximity sensor has 3 wires. Brown wire is DC 24V. Blue wire is 0V. Black wire is signal wire.

    Using Proximity Sensor to Count Number

    Step 1: Connect 3 wires to digital counter terminals.

    Using Proximity Sensor to Count Number 

    Step 2: After digital counter is powered on, set SV to be 8.

    Step 3: Use a metal object to get closed to proximity sensor and check whether proximity sensor is triggered. When the metal object gets closed to the proximity sensor, the digital counter counts and adds 1.

    Step 4: Until the count becomes 8, OUT1 of digital counter outputs alarm signal.

    Using Proximity Sensor to Count Number

    There is a signal indicator on the side of proximity sensor. When the metal object gets closed, the indicator will light on and proximity sensor will be triggered.

    Using Proximity Sensor to Count Number

    In addition, you can watch the video below for more details about using ATO proximity sensor to count number. offers 4mm, M5, M6, M8, M12, M18, M24, and M30 proximity sensors for you to choose from. What's more, economical price ring type proximity sensors and magnetic proximity sensors are also provided, shop online now.

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