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    GigE Vision Industrial Camera, 2.3MP, 2/3" CMOS, Mono/Color

    SKU: ATO-CAMERA-200050
    2.3MP GigE machine vision camera is a kind of area scan camera, with high resolution of 1920x1200 pixel, 2/3" format, max. frame rate up to 50fps, COMS, using advanced image sensor with global shutter, rugged and compact design, suitable for industrial visual applications.

    GigE Vision Industrial Camera, 5.3MP, 1" CMOS, Mono/Color

    SKU: ATO-CAMERA-500020
    Industrial camera, 2592x2048 (5.3 Megapixel), is a best choice for machine vision applications, with format 1" CMOS, 20fps maximum frame rate, Gigabit Ethernet interface, C mount for lens, and available 8 or 10 bit depth, black and white or color selectable according to your requirements. High resolution, high speed and favorable price.

    GigE Vision Industrial Camera, 6.3MP, 1/1.8" CMOS, Mono/Color

    SKU: ATO-CAMERA-600018
    GigE vision industrial camera, Mono or Color, resolution of 3072x2048 (6.3MP), 1/1.8" CMOS, pixel size 2.4μm x 2.4μm, max. frame rate 18fps, rolling shutter, optional 8-bit, 10-bit or 12-bit depth, GigE interface with long transmission distance, high cost performance, use advanced indsutrial image sensor, superior image quality and high resolution.

    Portable Fume Extractor with Flexible Arm

    SKU: ATO-FE-C100
    Industrial fume extractor with flexible arm and filters, voltage can choos 110V or 220V, 80W, air purifier for smoke, portable fume extractor can catches harmful smoke with freestanding ducts and adjustable air volume to significantly.

    Portable Fume Extractor with Flexible Arm, Digital Display

    SKU: ATO-FE-C100Y
    Low cost welding fume extractor voltage 110V or 220V is available, with flexible arm, LCD display, it is widely used in chemical industry, food industry and pharmaceutical. Free shipping and factory direct sale.

    Solder Fume Extractor

    SKU: ATO-FE-CN301
    Portable solder fume extractor with flxible arm, rated power is 300W, 110VAC or 220VAC, it has the characteristics of high purification efficiency, low noise, flexible use and small volume, cheap price and manufacturer direct sales.

    USB 3.0 Industrial Camera, 0.3MP, 1/4" CMOS, Mono/Color

    SKU: ATO-CAMERA-640815
    This industrial CMOS camera features a resolution of 640x480 pixels (0.3 Mega Pixel), 1/4" format, high frame rate up to 815fps and global shutter, high-speed data transmission by USB 3.0 and power supplied with USB, to guarantee a high image quality and stability.

    USB 3.0 Industrial Camera, 0.5MP, 1/3.6" CMOS, Mono/Color

    SKU: ATO-CAMERA-800545
    USB 3.0 Mono or Color iddustrial camera is low price but high stability and performance in machine vision system with max. resolution 800x600 pixel (0.5 MP), 545fps max. frame rate, 1/3.6" format, CMOS, global shutter, C mount for lens, and optional 8-bit or 10-bit depth.

    USB 3.0 Industrial Camera, 1.3MP, 1/2" CMOS, Mono/Color

    SKU: ATO-CAMERA-1300210
    1.3 Mega Pixel (1280x1024) industrial camera, Monochrome/Color, is compact size and rugged shell, equipped with global shutter, USB 3.0 interface, and has a feature of high frame rate 210fps, format 1/2" CMOS. This camera distinguishes itself by high reliability and high cost-performance.

    USB 3.0 Industrial Camera, 2.3MP, 2/3" CMOS, Mono/Color

    SKU: ATO-CAMERA-2000150
    High-speed USB 3.0 industrial camera is an arean scan camera with high stability in working and favorable price for sale, and it features 2.3 Megapixel or 1920x1200 resolution, format 2/3", max. frame rate 150fps CMOS, global shutter and C mount for lens, also able to choose black and white or color at the request.

    USB 3.0 Industrial Camera, 5.3MP, 1" CMOS, Mono/Color

    SKU: ATO-CAMERA-500060
    USB 3.0 area scan industrial camera with 2592x2048 (5.3Mega Pixel) and 60 fps is available for Mono or Color according to your requirement, and it has 1 inch format, CMOS, global shutter and works with high image quality and stability in complex environment.

    Welding Fume Extractor

    SKU: ATO-FE-CN300
    Portable welding fume extractor, with flexible arm, 600W, 110V/220V, it has the advantages of stable operation, high efficiency and low energy consumption, used for welding, polishing, cutting, grinding process such as the purification of the smoke and dust, manufacturer direct sale.

    1 hp Small Air Compressor, 115 PSI, 2 Gallon

    SKU: ATO-COMPR-001
    2 Gal. tank capacity portable air compressor offers 8 Bar 115 PSI maximum pressure and air delivery 108L/Min, 3.8 CFM. 1 hp (0.75 kW) direct drive induction motor with thermal overload protection, professional grade, quiet air compressor for long life.

    10 HP 8 Ton Air Cooled Industrial Water Chiller

    Wholesale price air cooled industrial water chiller with 8 ton large cooling capacity, equiped with 2 compressors and the total power of 10 HP, finned type condenser, spiral type or tube-in-shell type evaporator for choice. Machine interface configures a full touch screen, which enables automatic control and accurate monitoring.

    175A DC Mig Welder, 240V

    SKU: ATO-WM-MIG175
    Best mig welder for home use, rated currrent with 20A-175A, operate on 200V to 240V, frequency 50Hz and 60Hz are available, automatic dual frequency, It is able to weld aluminum with the spool gun. Low price and manufacturer direct sales.

    20w All-in-one Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine

    SKU: ATO-F20PI
    Favorable price portable fiber laser marking machine, faster marking speed, more sophisticated engraving effect, 20w output power, maintenance-free and long service life.

    3kW Portable Industrial Electric Fan Heater

    SKU: ATO-FH-03
    Safe and reliable electrical fan heater with 3kW power, 3 heating setting mode (30/1500/3000W), operates at 50Hz singe phase 220-240V AC power supply, air flow of 280m3/h and heating area of 60m3, waterproof and dustproof class IPX4, free-standing and portable.

    3L Ultrasonic Cleaner for Jewelry/Dentures/Parts

    SKU: ATO-UlTC-020S
    3.2 liter ultrasonic cleaner with reinforced cleaning tank, made of stainless steel SUS304, quality material for durable use, 60/120W ultrasonic power and 40kHz ultrasonic frequency for high effective cleaning, with timer and heater control, simple & user friendly operation, best for jewelry, rings, eyeglasses, denture, watches, hardware parts, auto parts, etc.

    Commercial Dehumidifier 120-Pint (60L) for 700 Sq. Ft

    SKU: ATO-FDH-260BS
    Cheap 60L/day (120 pt./day) commercial grade dehumidifier is designed to remove moisture from the air for smaller-sized rooms of 55-70 square meters (590-750 square feet), and has moisture removal ability with 450 m3/h large air volume. Operating at 1200W high power, the dehumidifier is constructed with built-in 6L water tank, and a drain hose outlet for continuous drainage. Low noise, energy saving and high durability, ideal dehumidifier for commercial and industrial environments.

    Commercial Dehumidifier 160-Pint (80L) for 800 Sq. Ft

    SKU: ATO-FDH-280BS
    Quality hand-push dehumidifier is suitable for commercial & industrial environments like basements, workshops, hotels, etc. It can reduce moisture in the air 80L per day (about 160 pints per day) in an area ranging from 60 m2 to 80 m2 (645 to 860 sq. ft). Big air volume 800 m3/h and high power 1250W makes dehumidification more efficient. Quiet dehumidifier is designed with a handle and two wheels, convenient to transport, large water tank and drain outlet for continuous drainage, as well as durable housing.