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    Infrared Temperature Sensor Price List

    Infrared temperature sensors, also known as infrared thermometers or non-contact temperature sensors, are devices that measure the temperature of an object without physically touching it. They work based on the principle of capturing the infrared radiation (heat) emitted by an object and converting it into a temperature reading.

    The price of an infrared temperature sensor can vary widely depending on various factors such as the brand, model, features, and the level of precision and accuracy required for your specific application. In this article, ATO industrial automation will list the price of infrared temperature sensors for your reference.

    ATO Infrared Temperature Sensor Price List

    Product SKU Measurement Range Working Temperature Response Time Price
    High Temperature Infrared Sensor, Non-Contact ATO-IR-402 -50 ~ 300℃ 50℃ 500ms $359.39
    Industrial Laser Infrared Temperature Sensor ATO-IR-6JG 300 ~ 1400℃ 85℃ 10ms $1153.99
    Infrared Temperature Sensor for Human Body ATO-IR-400F 28 ~ 45℃ 50℃ 200ms $565.79
    Infrared Temperature Sensor, Non-Contact ATO-IR-400A 0 - 1200℃ 85℃ 200ms $439.79
    ATO-IR-400 0 - 300℃ 85℃ 300ms $280.99
    ATO-IR-405 0 - 1200℃ 50℃ 300ms $410.19

    Note: The prices in the table list are for reference only. If want to get current quotation and other customized products information, please contact us now. Generally, you can get a discount on

    Features of Infrared Temperature Sensor:

    1. Non-Contact Measurement: Infrared temperature sensors measure temperature without coming into direct contact with the object, making them ideal for situations where contact might be impractical or unsafe.Infrared temperature sensor
    2. Speed: They provide rapid temperature measurements, often within milliseconds, making them suitable for fast-moving or dynamic objects.
    3. Wide Temperature Range: Infrared sensors can measure a wide range of temperatures, from extremely cold to extremely hot, depending on the model and application.
    4. Accuracy: The accuracy of an infrared temperature sensor depends on the specific model and the conditions in which it's used. High-precision models are available for applications that require precise temperature measurements.

    It's important to research and compare different models to find the best infrared temperature sensor for your specific needs and budget. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question about our ATO infrared temperature sensor.

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