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    Infrared Thermometer Price List

    An infrared thermometer is a device used for temperature measurement. The infrared thermometer (temperature measuring gun) uses a non-contact temperature measurement method to accurately measure the surface temperature of the object. Infrared temperature measurement has the characteristics of high precision, fast response, and high safety factor. It is suitable for many scenarios such as preventive maintenance of electrical equipment, quality management of production lines, and food hygiene and safety. The following is the ATO infrared thermometers price list.

    ATO infrared thermometers price list.

    Name SKU Price
    Handheld Non-contact Digital Infrared Thermometer ATO-ITHM-01 $86.99
    High Temperature Digital Infrared Thermometer ATO-ITHM-02 $138.46
    Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera ATO-IRC-HT $470.95
    Wall Mounted Digital Infrared Thermometer ATO-K1BOX $63.45
    Non-contact Infrared Laser Thermometer for Cooking ATO-TH $57.46

    Working principle of infrared thermometerNon contact infrared thermometer

    Objects with a temperature above absolute zero will radiate infrared rays due to their own molecular motion. After the power signal radiated by the object is converted into an electrical signal by the infrared detector, the output signal of the imaging device can completely simulate the spatial distribution of the temperature on the surface of the scanned object and corresponding thermal image of heat distribution. Using this method, we can realize long-distance thermal state image imaging and temperature measurement of the target, and analyze and judge.

    Use distance

    In order to obtain accurate temperature readings, the distance between the thermometer and the test target must be within an appropriate range. The so-called "spot size" is the area of the thermometer's measurement point. The farther away from the target, the larger the spot size. The ratio of distance to spot size, or we can call it as D : S. On laser sight type pyrometers, the laser spot is offset 12 mm (0.47 inches) above the center of the target. When determining the measurement distance, ensure that the target diameter is equal to or greater than the measured spot size.

    Problems that should be paid attention to when we use infrared thermometers

    1. Only the surface temperature is measured, the infrared thermometer cannot measure the internal temperature.
    2. The temperature cannot be measured through glass. So glass has very special reflection and transmission characteristics, which will interfere with the accuracy of infrared thermometer readings, but we can measure temperature through the infrared window.
    3. Infrared thermometers are not used for temperature measurement on bright or polished metal surfaces (stainless steel, aluminum, etc.).
    4. Find the hot spot first, fix the position, then use the instrument to aim at the target, and scan up and down on the target until the hot spot is determined.
    5. Avoid exposing the infrared thermometer to steam, dust, smoke, which will block the optical system of the instrument and affect the accuracy.
    6. If the thermometer is suddenly exposed to an ambient temperature difference of 20°C or higher, allow the instrument to adjust to the new ambient temperature within 20 minutes.

    Digital infrared thermometer distance

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