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    Hydraulic Punch Machine Price List

    Hydraulic punching machine is a kind of equipment specially used for punching and drilling metal materials, widely used in pipeline processing of air conditioners, water heaters, airplanes, automobiles, etc. Hydraulic hole punching machine is specially used for punching holes in metal plates such as angle iron, flat iron, copper plate, etc. It is especially suitable for field operations in electric power, construction and other industries.

    Advantages of hydraulic punching machineHydraulic punch portable

    1. After the punching machine is equipped with a hydraulic system, the machine has stronger power, good safety performance, low noise, high efficiency, good punching effect, and no burrs. It is recognized and used by more and more customers.
    2. The pressure of the hydraulic system is stable and can work for a long time.
    3. The lift of the workbench is controlled by air cylinder (or electric), which is easy to operate.
    4. The punch is hard alloy.
    5. Optional pneumatic system can realize automatic feeding.
    6. Special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

    Hydraulic Punch Machine Price List

    Name SKU Price
    Portable Hydraulic Punch 35 ton ATO-HPUN-CH70 $782.31
    Hand Hold Electric Hydraulic Punch ATO-HPUN-MHP $1,238.09
    Hydraulic Knockout Hole Punch Kit 6 Ton/8 Ton/15 Ton ATO-HPUN-8A $453.79
    Hydraulic Punch Machine 10 ton ATO-HPUN-10 $172.77
    Hydraulic Metal Hole Punch 30 ton ATO-HPUN-30 $642.15
    Hydraulic Hole Punch Tool 50 ton ATO-HPUN-50 $1582.46
    Hydraulic Hole Punch Tool 100 ton ATO-HPUN-100 $2577.15
    Electric Hydraulic Hole Punch 10 Ton, 220V, 4A ATO-HPUN-4A $622.54


    1. The punching machine generally consists of the following two parts: Working part (upper and lower dies, tools); Power part (hydraulic pump or manual)
    2. If it is a hydraulic punching machine, it also includes a working cylinder, and a pneumatic punching machine includes a cylinder.
    3. The hydraulic punching machine is suitable for L, H flat steel, copper bar and aluminum bar punching machine.
    4. The bottom is designed with a flat seat, which is stable and not easy to shake.
    5. Single-hole oil return, the mold is made of high-carbon tungsten alloy steel, which is not easy to be damaged

    Working principle

    The hydraulic system of the punching machine uses the hydraulic pump to convert the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the pressure energy of the liquid, transmits the energy through the control valve and the hydraulic oil pipe, and converts the pressure energy of the liquid into mechanical energy by means of the hydraulic cylinder, thereby driving each mechanical component to achieve a straight line. The reciprocating movement, when equipped with a mold, can achieve the punching and arc breaking operations of stainless steel pipes.

    The price of a punching machine is currently around 20,000 yuan, and the price of a super automatic punching machine is around 100,000 yuan. The main factor affecting the price of the punching machine is the punching accuracy, and the price will increase geometrically for every 1 wire (0.01 mm) increase in accuracy.

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