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    Isolator Switch Price List

    An isolator switch, also known as an isolation switch or disconnect switch, is an electrical device used to ensure the complete disconnection of an electrical circuit from its power source. Isolator switches are primarily used for safety and maintenance purposes. They are designed to physically disconnect a circuit or equipment from the power source to prevent the flow of electrical current, allowing for safe servicing, maintenance, and repairs.

    At ATO store, we offer 3 Pole/4 Pole, 40-630 Amps isolating switches. Below is their detailed price list.

    Product SKU Rated current Weight Price
     40-630 Amps isolator switch ATO-IS-HGL40A 40A 3 Pole 0.40 kg $82.89 
    4 Pole 0.42 kg $85.89 
    ATO-IS-HGL63A 63A 3 Pole 0.40 kg $73.89 
    4 Pole 0.42 kg $76.89 
    ATO-IS-HGL100A 100A 3 Pole 0.40 kg $157.59 
    4 Pole 0.42 kg $164.59 
    ATO-IS-HGL125A 125A 3 Pole 1.2 kg $169.79 
    4 Pole 1.4 kg $173.79 
    ATO-IS-HGL160A 160A 3 Pole 1.2 kg $174.93 
    4 Pole 1.4 kg $181.93 
    ATO-IS-HGL250A 250A 3 Pole 2 kg $196.89 
    4 Pole 2.35 kg $203.89 
    ATO-IS-HGL350A 350A 3 Pole 4.3 kg $199.89 
    4 Pole 4.3 kg $203.89 
    ATO-IS-HGL400A 400A 3 Pole 4.3 kg $213.69 
    4 Pole 5.4 kg $220.69 
    ATO-IS-HGL500A 500A 3 Pole 4.7 kg $219.63 
    4 Pole 6 kg $242.89 
    ATO-IS-HGL630A 630A 3 Pole 4.9 kg $234.96 
    4 Pole 6.3 kg $243.96 

    Note: The prices in the price list are for reference only. If you would like or get the latest quotation or would like a discount, please contact us.

    Isolator switches, also known as disconnect switches or isolation switches, offer several advantages in various electrical and industrial applications. Here are some of the key advantages of isolator switches:

    • Electrical Isolation: Isolator switches are designed to provide complete electrical disconnection, ensuring that no current flows through the connected circuit. This electrical isolation is crucial for safety during maintenance, repairs, and servicing activities.
    • Safety: The primary advantage of isolator switches is their role in enhancing safety. They help prevent electrical accidents and hazards by ensuring that equipment and circuits are de-energized before any work is performed. Lockout/tagout procedures are often used in conjunction with isolator switches to ensure the safety of workers.
    • Maintenance and Servicing: Isolator switches make it easy to isolate specific equipment or circuits for maintenance, repair, or inspection without shutting down an entire electrical system. This saves time and minimizes downtime in industrial settings.
    • Visual Indication: Isolator switches typically have visible position indicators, making it clear whether the switch is in the "on" or "off" position. This visual indication enhances safety by allowing operators to quickly verify the status of the switch.
    • Emergency Shutdown: Isolator switches are often used as emergency shutdown devices in critical situations, where a rapid and complete disconnection of power is necessary to prevent accidents or damage to equipment.
    • Compliance: Isolator switches are designed to meet safety and regulatory standards. Using certified isolator switches helps ensure compliance with these standards, providing legal and safety benefits.
    • Versatility: Isolator switches come in various sizes and voltage/current ratings, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, from residential and commercial settings to industrial and heavy-duty operations.
    • Longevity: High-quality isolator switches are designed for durability, with robust construction and materials that resist wear and tear. This longevity reduces maintenance costs and ensures long-term reliability.
    • Control and Operation: Isolator switches offer convenient manual control, allowing operators to disconnect power quickly and easily. Some models may also include additional features, such as locking mechanisms or remote operation capabilities.
    • Compatibility: Isolator switches are compatible with a variety of electrical systems, making them a versatile choice for various applications.
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