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    Servo Motor for Food Packing Machine

    Several decades ago, stainless steel was regarded as a high-end selection of food packing equipment. However, in recent years, food processing and packing industry has tightened their requirements on hygiene and cleaning in the global wide. Therefore, associations of various industries established various standards and orders to help manufacturers and machine manufacturers to meet with the higher requirements. For example, one of ten hygiene design principles of the American Meat Institute is to require machine manufacturers adopting "compatible materials" to design equipment, indicating that the materials would assume long-term high pressure washing cycle.

    Undoubtedly, stainless steel is the optimal material for corrosion resistance chemical substance and high pressure water flow, which makes it become an important part of food packing machines. Machine manufacturers that add stainless steel in machine design can better serve to manufacturers that believe hygiene design is of great importance.

    servo motor in food packing machine

    Standard servo motors
    Standard servo motor cannot bear high pressure corrosive washing procedures, thus engineers established stainless steel covers to protect motors. Unfortunately, food grains would often get stuck in cracks and bolts around the shell and accumulate. Moreover, washing fluid will finally enter into external shells and contact motors, and finally corrosive substance would damage connection points of cables and motors and external shells themselves. Standard servo motors can often survive five to seven years under harsh washing application situation even though they adopt stainless steel shells. Since each loader uses four servo motors, end users of robot would discover that they should change batteries about each two years

    Stainless steel servo motors
    Marketing of stainless steel servo motors can help producers of the food industry improve design of hygiene machine. Stainless steel servo motor can reduce extra hardware and improve cleanliness, reliability and performance of machines at the same time. The motors adopt smooth and round design which is easy for cleaning, since meat and fluid will not easily gather in surface. The motor is made of grade-300 stainless steel and it will have special treatment after finishing components to remove impurities and further improve corrosive protection performance. In addition, cable outlets of motors are sealed when they leave factory, which can improve product reliability to the utmost extent.
    All the ATO servo motors are made of stainless steel, 730W AC servo motor, 750W AC servo motor, 800W AC servo motor...are available. Buy a stainless steel servo motor for your food packing machine now.

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