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    Step-up Transformer Maintenance Precautions

    A transformer is a passive component that transfers electrical energy from one electrical circuit to another circuit, or multiple circuits. Transformers are used to change AC voltage levels, such transformers being termed step-up (or step-down) type to increase (or decrease) voltage level. Step-up transformer is widely used in high-frequency fields, such as inverter power supplies. In this article, we will briefly introduce some maintenance precautions of step-up transformer.

    Maintenance of transformer

    1. To protect the insulation performance of the insulating oil installed in the high-voltage generator and the machine head, observation window shouldn't be opened and the surrounding fixing screws shouldn't be loosened for fear that oil will absorb moisture or falling dust will reduce the insulation performance.
    2. Wipe off the dust on the transformer body and the porcelain bottle with a clean cloth. Check whether the surrounding lighting, heat dissipation, and dust removal equipment of the transformer is in good condition.
    3. Check the load switch on the high-voltage side to make sure that operation is flexible, contact point is good, and the transmission part is lubricated.
    4. Pull open the high-voltage grounding knife, check that the grounding is in the disconnected position, then close the high-voltage load switch, put the transformer in trial operation. Remove the high-voltage side identification plate. Pay attention to the scene when disconnecting or closing the high-voltage load switch of the transformer. Ensure that personnel adequate during the operation process.
    5. Obtain the assistance of the local power department when replacing oil. Check the performance of the new oil, and the insulation strength of the new oil should be 25000V/ 2.5mm or higher; and the oil insulation strength in the combined machine head should be no less than 30000V/ 2.5 mm.
    6. Measure the insulation resistance of the high and low voltage coils of the transformer by a 2500V shaker and confirm that it meets the requirements: high voltage side of 10KV transformer should be higher than 20MΩ, while the low voltage side should be higher than 13MΩ at a room temperature of 30℃. The ground wire should be connected before testing, and discharged after the measurement.
    7. Tighten the grounding bolts. Ensure sound grounding of the generator and the combined machine head, which shall be tested with an appropriate instrument by a specialized technician.
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