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    Vacuum Pump Troubleshooting

    With the construction and development of industry, many industries such as metallurgy, electronics, and coating have put forward higher requirements for the extraction of gas or particles from equipment. The large demand for industrial production and the rapid development of technology have made the production process of vacuum pumps continue to improve. Gradually occupy a larger market share in industrial production. With the continuous improvement of the level of vacuum pump manufacturing technology, the structural design of vacuum pumps is more refined, and different equipment structures also enable vacuum pumps to work in different industrial environments. Different types of vacuum pumps are driving the industry with a rapid growth momentum. The following form is a brief list of common problems and maintenance methods.

    vacuum pump

    Issue Reasons Check & Repair
    oil has been found in vacuum pipes or inhaled container Oil comes from vacuum system Check vacuum system
    Failure of anti-reflow valve Clean and wash anti-reflow valve
    Sealing surface of anti-reflow vavle is worn or dirty Clean or repair air inlet and anti-reflow vavle
    Oil is too much Drain the excess pump oil
    Pump oil is turbid and emulsified gas condensation Degas the oil or change the oil and wash pump chamber Prevention: Open gas ballast valv
    Pump is making noisy The oil is too less  (the oil is no longer visible in the observation window) Charge the oil
    Silencer hole is blocked Clean or change silencer parts
    Inlet pressure is too high Reduce inlet pressure
    internal oil mist filter is blocked Clean and change the oil mist filter
    Abrasion of esilient coupling Change to a new esilient coupling
    Damaged blade or bearing Repair the pump
    The speed of pumping is too low Air inlet or air inlet pipe is blocked Clean air inlet pipe (prevention: or install a debris filter outside the air inlet
    Exhaust filter is blocked Change the filter
    The diameter of the connecting vacuum pipe or the pipe is too long Use the pipe has suitable diameter or shorter connecting pipe
    After the pump stops, the pressure in the pumped container rises too fast Leakage in vacuum system Check the system
    Failure of anti-reflow valve Repair the anti-reflow vavle
    The temperature of the operating pump is too high The air required by the cooling pump is blocked Install it properly (should be leaving enough space after the motor)
    The temperature of working place is too high Reduce the temperature, the maximum allowable temperature is 40 degrees
    The temperature of absorbed gas is too high Change method
    Oil is too less Charge the oil
    Oil is not suitable Change the oil
    Pump oil circulation is blocked Clean or wash the inlet nozzle
    Exhaust filter or tube is blocked Change the filter core、Clean exhaust filter and tube
    Failure of exhaust valve Repair the exhaust valve
    Abrasion of pump chamber Replace pump chamber parts
    Pump cannot be started up The power cord is incorrectly connected Check and fix power cable
    The power supply voltage to the motor does not match the click Change the motor
    Motor failure Change the motor
    The temperature of pump oil is lower than 10 degrees Heat pump and pump oil up or use other types pump oil
    Pump oil is too sticky Change the oil
    Exhaust filter or tube is blocked Clean exhaust filter and tube
    Pump is blocked Repair the pump
    The pump cannot reach the ultimate pressure Measurement method or gauge head is not suitable Use the correct measuring method and gauge/measure the vacuum directly outside the pump inlet
    external leakage
    Failure of anti-reflow valve Repair the anti-reflow valve
    Issue of exhaust valve Repair exhaust valve
    Pump oil is not suitable Change the oil (degas the oil if necessary)
    Air inlet is polluted Clean absorbing pipe
    The pumping speed is too low Confirm the system parameters and change the pump if necessary
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