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    What is a Lobe Pump?

    The lobe pump belongs to the delivery pump, which is a rotary positive displacement pump, also called the rotor pump. It is widely used in food processing, oil production, household chemicals and sewage treatment. The lobe pump is mainly composed of the pump body, cam rotor, pump cover sealing device, transmission device, driving device, etc. The lobe pump is driven by the motor, and the cam rotors on the respective shafts are driven to rotate in reverse meshing synchronously by the gears that are synchronized with the transmission.

    The lobe pump does not have rigid contact between the rotors meshing with each other during operation, so it is a non-contact core rotation, the number of pump teeth is small, the pump cavity and the rotor curve are smooth, the space is large, there is no dead angle, it is easy to clean, and the space of the rotor cavity is large. Insensitive to solid and fibrous objects, it is very suitable for conveying high-viscosity materials. The lobe pump has a good heat preservation function when conveying high-viscosity materials, so as to prevent the high-viscosity medium from cooling and solidifying.

    How does a lobe pump work?

    The lobe pump relies on two synchronous and counter-rotating rotors to generate suction (vacuum) at the inlet during the rotation process, thereby sucking in the material to be conveyed. The two rotors divide the rotor chamber into several small spaces and operate in sequence, and the medium is transported to the discharge port. In this way, the medium (material) is continuously transported out.

    What are the features of the lobe pump?3kW rotary lobe pump

    • The lobe pump adopts a cartridge-type combined floating mechanical seal to replace the existing spring thrust mechanical seal structure.
    • The pump rotor of the lobe pump adopts a nano-composite wear-resistant rubber rotor, which is resistant to dry running, and the idling time is more than 60 minutes. The pump body is durable and has a long service life.
    • The wide head seal is used to optimize the rotor profile design to ensure that the rotor and the pump seal are face seals. Even if the rotor is worn, it can still ensure the strong vacuum capacity of the unit.
    • The gas-liquid two-phase sealing technology can effectively prevent dry grinding, high temperature, cracking and failure of the sealing surface, and ensure the normal operation of the pump unit. Ordinary plastic bags, woven bags, sand, mud, dials and other sundries will not affect the use of the lobe pump.
    • The lobe pump adopts an advanced embedded system to develop an intelligent control system to realize intelligent monitoring.
    • It has very strong medium passability, and the maximum passing particles are more than 90mm.
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