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    How to Select the Right Lobe Pump?

    ATO lobe pump is an industrial machine, which mainly relies on the suction generated by the rotor when it rotates, and then transports all the materials that need to be transported to the discharge port according to different mesons. lobe pumps are widely used in petrochemical, fine chemical, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, paper, paint, metallurgy and other industries. The following ATO will explain to you how to choose the right rotary lobe pump.

    Rotary Lobe Pump Selection Guide

    • Parameters
      We need to determine some parameters, such as the maximum sewage flow during the peak period, which can be determined according to the number of drains and can be calculated by professional technicians.3kW rotary lobe pump
    • Lift
      The lift also needs to be considered. The insufficient lift will lead to the failure of the ground medium to be removed normally, and even the phenomenon of medium backflow will occur, while too high lift will lead to a waste of subsequent resources. Generally speaking, the appropriate lift is the vertical height from the bottom of the medium to the water pipe network. If you don't know the lift you need, you can measure it on-site by professionals.
    • Types of sewage media
      We also need to know the type of medium in order to choose the pump with which inlet and rotor. If the sewage contains particulate matter, a grinding-type sewage lift pump should be selected; if the sewage contains fibers, a cutting-type sewage lift pump should be selected. Of course, if it is a sewage source such as a washing machine and a washbasin that hardly produces impurities, ATO recommends that you choose a sewage pump with an ordinary rotor, which is more cost-effective.
    • Heat dissipation
      When the cam rotor pump is running, the speed is very high, and the heat will be very high, and the heat dissipation capacity will become an important indicator to measure it, which depends on the material of the motor and the material of the motor casing. The cam rotor pump is generally better than the pump outside the water tank. The general technical content of the pump in the water tank is not too high, and the heat dissipation will be much worse.
    • Box material
      Generally speaking, the casing material of the sewage cam rotary pump is PP∕PE∕ABS, ABS has the highest corrosion resistance, and the HDPE material is more suitable for the sewage lifting pump of the large casing, but try not to choose the stainless steel welded casing because the water pump The vibration will cause cracks, leaks at any time, and maintenance is very difficult.
    • Service life
      The longer the service life of the cam pump, the better, because it is more troublesome to replace and maintain. Many began to buy low-cost pumps in order to save costs. The maintenance and replacement costs during the trial period exceeded the cost of purchasing a safer and more stable lobe pump at that time. The cost is high, so it is more reliable to choose a reliable lobe pump supplier as much as possible.
    • Easy to maintain
      It mainly depends on the installation position of the pump. Generally, the lobe pump is the easiest to maintain outside the sewage lift pump box, because there is no need to open the box during maintenance. Of course, the price of the external pump equipment is much higher than that of the built-in pump, because the performance of the external pump can be excellent, and the manufacturing cost of the whole machine is also higher. At the same time, check whether the equipment has a backwash function. If it does not have a backwash function, it is recommended to choose carefully, otherwise, it is very inconvenient to clean it yourself.
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