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    What is a Lobe Pump Used for?

    A lobe pump, also known as a rotary lobe pump, is used for a wide range of applications that involve the transfer of various fluids. It is known for its gentle and reliable fluid-handling capabilities, making it suitable for several industries and applications. Here are some common uses and applications of lobe pumps.

    Lobe Pump Price List

    The product uses two synchronized rotors driven by a pair of externally mounted synchronous gearboxes. The rotors rotate in opposite directions under the drive of the transmission shaft, thereby creating a high degree of vacuum and discharge pressure. This makes it particularly suitable for conveying pharmaceutical-grade and highly viscous corrosive media. In order for you to better choose this product, has provided you with a detailed price list for your reference.

    What is a Lobe Pump?

    The lobe pump belongs to the delivery pump, which is a rotary positive displacement pump, also called the rotor pump. It is widely used in food processing, oil production, household chemicals and sewage treatment. The lobe pump is mainly composed of the pump body, cam rotor, pump cover sealing device, transmission device, driving device, etc. The lobe pump is driven by the motor, and the cam rotors on the respective shafts are driven to rotate in reverse meshing synchronously by the gears that are synchronized with the transmission.

    How to Select the Right Lobe Pump?

    ATO lobe pump is an industrial machine, which mainly relies on the suction generated by the rotor when it rotates, and then transports all the materials that need to be transported to the discharge port according to different mesons. lobe pumps are widely used in petrochemical, fine chemical, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, paper, paint, metallurgy and other industries. The following ATO will explain to you how to choose the correct rotary lobe pump.

    What are the Types of Rotary Pumps?

    A rotary pump is a rotating pump, which can change the working volume through the relative motion between the rotor and the pump body to increase the energy of the liquid pump, often used in the transport of high viscosity media. So what types of rotary pumps are usually divided into? Let's have a look in the followings.

    Lobe Pump Basics

    Lobe pump is a kind of industrial machinery, which mainly relies on the suction force generated by the rotor when it rotates, and then conveys all the materials that need to be conveyed by different meson to the discharge port by inhalation. Widely used with various industries, lobe pumps can shorten the life of lobe pumps if they are not operated in a standard way during use. The following explains the scope of application and features of the lobe pump as well as precautions for use.