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    Lobe Pump Price List

    The product uses two synchronized rotors driven by a pair of externally mounted synchronous gearboxes. The rotors rotate in opposite directions under the drive of the transmission shaft, thereby creating a high degree of vacuum and discharge pressure. This makes it particularly suitable for conveying pharmaceutical-grade and highly viscous corrosive media.

    Lube pumps are widely used in industries such as petrochemicals, fine chemicals, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, environmental protection, papermaking, coatings, metallurgy, and more.

    In order for you to better choose this product, has provided you with a detailed price list for your reference.

    Lobe Pump Price List

    Product Name SKU Power Price List
    1 kW Rotary Lobe Pump ATO-LP-AC50 1 kW $13,598.76 
    3 kW Rotary Lobe Pump ATO-LP-AP80 3 kW $19,989.76 
    4 kW Rotary Lobe Pump ATO-LP-AP100 4 kW $24,968.76 
    5.5 kW Rotary Lobe Pump ATO-LP-AP120 5.5 kW $28,369.89 
    10 kW Rotary Lobe Pump ATO-LP-AF125 10 kW $39,867.89 
    15 kW Rotary Lobe Pump ATO-LP-AF150 15 kW $42,598.59 
    18.5 kW Rotary Lobe Pump ATO-LP-AF200 18.5 kW $54,298.69 
    30 kW Rotary Lobe Pump ATO-LP-AX250 30 kW $56,795.79 
    45 kW Rotary Lobe Pump ATO-LP-AX300 45 kW $58,693.79 

    Note: This price list is for reference only. For discounts or bulk purchases, please contact us.

    What are the advantages of lobe pumps?

    • Gentle Product Handling: One of the primary advantages of lobe pumps is their gentle product handling. The non-contacting operation of the lobes ensures that shear-sensitive and delicate products, such as food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, remain unaltered during transfer. This is crucial in maintaining the quality and integrity of the handled materials.
    • Hygienic Design: Lobe pumps are often designed with sanitary features, making them suitable for applications in industries with strict hygiene and cleanliness requirements, such as the food and pharmaceutical sectors. They are easy to clean, reducing the risk of contamination.
    • Consistent Flow: Lobe pumps provide a consistent flow rate, which is vital in processes that require precise dosing and distribution of fluids. This reliability ensures that the right amount of product is delivered consistently, reducing waste and optimizing production.
    • Versatility: Lobe pumps are versatile and can handle a wide range of fluids, from low to high viscosity. They can transfer liquids with solids, abrasive materials, and highly viscous substances, making them suitable for a variety of applications across different industries.
    • Reversible Flow: Many lobe pumps offer the advantage of reversible flow. This means that they can pump in both directions, which is useful for applications where materials need to be transported bidirectionally or where backflushing is required for cleaning.
    • Low Pulsation: Lobe pumps generate minimal pulsation compared to some other pump types. Low pulsation results in a smoother and more consistent flow, reducing the risk of product agitation or foaming.
    • Low Noise Levels: Lobe pumps operate relatively quietly, contributing to a more pleasant working environment. Reduced noise levels can be advantageous in industrial settings where noise control is important.
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