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    How to Choose a Right Lens for Industrial Camera?

    Industrial camera is a key component in the machine vision system. Its most essential function is to convert the optical signal into the ordered electrical signal of the small-size high-definition industrial camera. In the machine vision system, the lens of the industrial camera are equivalent to the eyes of human beings. Its main function is to focus the targeted optical images on the photo surface of the image sensor (industrial camera). All image information of the visual system treatment can be obtained from the lens of industrial camera. The lens quality of the industrial camera will directly affect the entire performance of the visual system. As an image device, the lens of industrial camera usually constitute a complete image collecting system with the power source and camera. Therefore, the lens selection of the industrial camera is restrained by the entire system requirement. Generally, it can be analyzed and considered as the following aspects.

    Industrial Camera & Lens Price List

    The industrial cameras on are available for the resolution ranging from 0.3MP to 6MP, monochrome and color, to meet the needs of various visual applications. This series of industrial cameras features high image quality, high frame rate and large resolution. The industrial cameras support GigE Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0 data bus standards. This series of industrial cameras have a good cost performance and they are very suitable for detection, measurement and high-speed imaging, such as mobile phone or tablet inspection, LED automatic packaging, defect detection, electronic component manufacturing, etc. The industrial lens is also available to you here. It is up to 5MP resolution standards. With a better photosensitivity and professional physical distortion correction design, it helps users to obtain more realistic and clear images. ATO industrial lens is an ideal choice of the industrial inspection, intelligent transportation and machine vision projects.

    What factors affect industrial lens imaging?

    Machine vision has been favored by many industries, such as industrial production and scientific research, for its advantages in performance and imaging. However, clear and accurate imaging effect of machine vision is also inseparable from the imaging technology of industrial lens. It’s reported that factors affecting the imaging effect are the lens, aperture and depth of field. At present, what are mostly focused are basically two technical parameters, namely the aspherical lens and large depth of field. This paper mainly analyzes the effect of above two technologies on the imaging effect of machine vision.