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    What is the Strain Gauge Used for?

    The use of strain gauges can be divided into two methods. One method is to attach the strain gauge directly to the surface of a loaded component. This method is simple, but not sufficiently accurate. The other method is to attach the strain gauges to an elastic element to make a sensor, which is then loaded to establish a functional relationship between the load and the change in resistance. The measured load value is obtained by means of a pre-determined load calibration curve. The result is a more accurate measurement. The results obtained are more accurate.

    What is a Strain Gauge Load Cell Construction and Working?

    A strain gauge load cell is a conversion device used to convert a weight or pressure signal into an electrical signal.Strain gauge load cell is a kind of common types of load cell. There are different types of strain gauge lobe cell with various parameters. For example, ATO has the strain gauge lobe cell with S type, 3 ton to 20 ton.It can withstand both tension and pressure with good output symmetry, compact structure and complete specifications. A resistance-strain load cell consists of three main components: the elastomer, the strain gauge and the measurement circuit.

    How does Load Cells Measure Force?

    In current society there are many technological products that measure the amount of force, such as measuring pressure, tension, gravity and so on. A load cell, as the name suggests, is an instrument used to measure the gravity of an object. So do you know what a load cell is? And how does it measure the amount of force? ATO will provide you with detailed information about load cells. Please take a look in the followings.

    Strain Gauge Price List

    ATO resistance strain gages are mainly composed of four parts: substrate, sensitive grid, adhesive, and protective layer, which are etched with a thickness of 0.005mm metal foil. The sensitive grid is very thin and can better reflect the deformation of the surface of the components, thus the measurement accuracy is high. Strain gauges are widely used in various types of scales, industrial force measurement, stress analysis tests and high temperature melt pressure sensors.