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    How does a Laser Sensor Work with Relay?

    Laser sensors use focused coherent light to measure the distance to a target object, which are often used to check for the presence of parts. Laser sensors are used in factory automation, typically for products or mechanical parts. The instrument can detect any kind of solid, and the output is proportional to the distance measured, independent of material, color and luminosity. Laser displacement switches are often used to provide high resolution output to provide position or displacement such as PLCs. For enhanced stability, the output signal is usually precise and includes temperature compensation.

    This is ATO diffuse reflection laser sensor. Its detection distance is 300mm.

    Diffuse reflection laser sensor

    Connect the circuit according to the circuit diagram. We use a relay as its load.

    Connect laser sensor with power supply and relay according to circuit diagram

    When an object blocks the beam, the sensor is excited.
    The sensor is activated and the relay is controlled.

    Laser sensor switch work with relay

    If you want to know more details about laser senor/ switch work with relay, please view the video below. In addition, different types of photoelectric switchesproximity switches and laser sensors on ATO online store are often used as PLC input signals and relay coil controls.

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