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    How to Buy Best Fiber Laser Marker?

    Fiber laser marker is a kind of laser marker, whose principle is to output laser through the laser, and then realize the marking function through the high-speed scanning galvanometer system. The fiber laser marker has higher photoelectric conversion rate, faster marking speed and smaller volume than the ordinary laser marker. What’s more, because of the characteristics of air cooling system and strong output beam quality stability, it is widely used in various industry. Here ATO shows how to buy best fiber laser marker.

    1, Scanning galvanometer system

    Scanning laser galvanometer is the core component of fiber laser marker, whose performance determines the performance of fiber laser marker. The fiber laser marker also realizes the marking function through the scanning galvanometer system. So what is the working principle of the scanning galvanometer system?

    In short, the scanning laser galvanometer is a scanning galvanometer used in the laser industry. The galvanometer scanning marking head is mainly composed of XY scanning mirror, field lens, galvanometer and computer-controlled marking software. It is necessary to select corresponding optical components according to the different laser wavelengths. In addition, related components include laser beam expanding mirror lasers, etc.

    Economic fiber laser marking machineThe working principle of the scanning laser galvanometer is: The laser beam is incident on the scanning mirror, and the reflection angle of the mirror is controlled by a computer. Then the two mirrors can be scanned along the X and Y axes respectively, so that the laser beam gets deflection. Furthermore, the laser focusing point with a certain power density is moved as required on the marking material, thereby leaving a permanent mark on the surface of the material. The focused spot can be circular or rectangular.

    Vector graphics and text can be used in galvanometer scanning system. This method adopts the graphics processing method of graphics in the computer, which has the characteristics of high drawing efficiency, good graphics accuracy, no distortion, etc. and greatly improves the quality and speed of laser marking. At the same time, galvanometer marking can also use dot matrix marking. This dot-matrix marking is suitable for online marking, but it is necessary to choose one scanning galvanometer or two scanning galvanometers according to different production lines. Compared with the array marking method, the dot matrix marking method can mark more dot matrix information, and the fiber laser marker using this method has a greater advantage for marking Chinese characters. So many people choose to buy fiber laser markers with the dot matrix marking method.

    2, Cooling mode of fiber laser marker

    The cooling system of the fiber laser marker is the prerequisite for the stable and continuous marking of the entire laser machine. The heat of the fiber laser marking machine not only affects the escape of the laser, but also affects the stability of the circuit system. The fiber laser marker reduces the internal temperature of the fuselage through the cooling device, thereby reducing machine failures and improving equipment stability.

    The laser is the most important part of the entire fiber laser marker, so the protection of the laser is particularly important. The timely cooling of the laser is an useful way to protect the fiber laser marking machine. For now, there are two ways to cool the laser, one is air cooling and the other is water cooling. Because the cooling capacity provided by air-cooled energy is very limited, it can only be used for cooling on the laser of a low-power fiber laser marking machine under 50W. For the lasers of higher power fiber laser markers, water cooling must be used to provide a large amount of cooling capacity to ensure the long-term durability of the laser. Therefore, if possible, use a water cooler as much as possible. Pay attention to the cooling mode when buying fiber laser marking machines.

    Economic cabinet type fiber laser marking machine

    3, Fiber laser

    The fiber laser uses a more efficient design and carrier-grade single-core junction pump source. Fiber lasers do not require adjustment of optical devices, maintenance or frequent maintenance. The fiber laser has a compact structure and a small volume, which is easy to form a system. The working principle of fiber laser is mainly based on three special structures of fiber laser: Working substance, pump source and resonant cavity.

    The specific functions are as follows:
    1. Gain medium through gain fiber to generate photons.
    2. Pumping light as the external energy can make the gain medium achieve particle number inversion, that is, the pump source.
    3. The optical resonator is composed of two mirrors, whose function is to feedback photons and amplify them in the working medium.

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