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    Pneumatic Solenoid Valves Price List

    Pneumatic solenoid valve is a basic but widely used component in automation field. Then, what should we pay attention to when installing it?5-way pneumatic solenoid valve

    • Different valves have different air flow directions. Therefore, be noting the direction before use. If installing the valve in the wrong airflow direction, it would cause personal injury or equipment damage.
    • Do not mechanically manipulate manual changing valves. If so, the valve may be damaged.
    • The valve is suitable for clean air after removing oil, water and dust. At the same time, an air filter is installed upstream of the valve. Compressed air containing impurities can cause malfunction.
    • Do not apply tension to the valve, or twist and bend it. Meanwhile, prevent the valve from falling or excessive vibration to cause the damage of valves.

    ATO pneumatic solenoid valves are internal pilot operated to control the flow of air. There are available for valve functions of 2/2 way, 3/2 way NO or NC, and 5/2(3) way. The pneumatic solenoid valves also have various port sizes for your selection, including M5*0.8, Rc 1/8", Rc 1/4", Rc 3/8" etc. The below is ATO pneumatic solenoid valve price list for your reference. For the detailed specifications, please check the product page.

    ATO pneumatic solenoid valves price list

    Items Model Port Size Price
    Pneumatic Solenoid Valve, 2 Way, 12V/24V/110V/220V ATO-2V025-06 Rc 1/8" 43.85 USD
    ATO-2V025-08 Rc 1/4" 43.85 USD
    Pneumatic Solenoid Valve, 3 Way, 12V/24V/110V/220V ATO-3V1-M5 M5*0.8 46.49 USD
    ATO-3V1-06 Rc 1/8" 46.49 USD
    Pneumatic Solenoid Valve, 3 Way, Normally Closed, 12V/24V/110V/220V ATO-3V110-M5-NC M5×0.8 49.77 USD
    ATO-3V110-06-NC Rc 1/8" 49.77 USD
    ATO-3V210-08-NC Rc 1/4" 54.93 USD
    ATO-3V310-10-NC Rc 3/8" 59.95 USD
    Pneumatic Solenoid Valve, 3 Way, Normally Open, 12V/24V/110V/220V ATO-3V110-M5-NO M5×0.8 49.77 USD
    ATO-3V110-06-NO Rc 1/8" 49.77 USD
    ATO-3V210-08-NO Rc 1/4" 54.93 USD
    ATO-3V310-10-NO Rc 3/8" 59.95 USD
    Pneumatic Single Solenoid Valve, 5 Way, 12V/24V/110V/220V ATO-4V110-M5 M5×0.8 50.25 USD
    ATO-4V110-06 Rc 1/8" 50.25 USD
    ATO-4V210-06 Rc 1/8" 54.63 USD
    ATO-4V210-08 Rc 1/4" 54.63 USD
    ATO-4V310-08 Rc 1/4" 55.03 USD
    ATO-4V310-10 Rc 3/8" 55.03 USD
    ATO-4V410-15 Rc 1/2" 63.25 USD
    Pneumatic Double Solenoid Valve, 5 Way, 12V/24V/110V/220V ATO-4V120-M5 M5×0.8 56.34 USD
    ATO-4V120-06 Rc 1/8" 56.34 USD
    ATO-4V220-06 Rc 1/8" 59.88 USD
    ATO-4V220-08 Rc 1/4" 59.88 USD
    ATO-4V320-08 Rc 1/4" 63.46 USD
    ATO-4V320-10 Rc 3/8" 63.46 USD

    Note: The prices in the table are for your reference only. If you want to get the latest quotation, please feel free to contact us. Generally, it's cheaper than the price in the table.

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