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    Shaft Coupling

    Shaft coupling refers to the connection of two shafts or shafts and rotary parts, in the transfer of motion and power process together, under normal circumstances does not take off a device. Sometimes also used as a safety device to prevent the connected parts from bearing too much load, play the role of overload protection.

    Shaft coupling can be divided into two types, flexible coupling and rigid coupling, ATO sells diaphragm coupling and rigid coupling at a favorable price, a variety of sizes to choose from.

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    One Diaphragm Coupling, 12mm to 25mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GSM5645
    12mm to 25mm diaphragm coupling rated torque 25N.m, diameter 56mm x length 45mm, high speed operation, low noise, accurately assembled using high-strength, corrosion-resistant fasteners and have a long service life time, designed for connecting servo motors and stepping motors.

    One Diaphragm Coupling, 4mm to 8mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GSM1920
    One diaphragm coupling diameter 19mm, length 20mm, 4mm to 8mm, shaft sleeve material high-strength aluminum alloy, high torque, speed 10000rpm, used in occasions with frequent load starting or working load changes.

    One Diaphragm Coupling, 5mm to 10mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GSM2626
    5mm to 10mm shaft coupler with one diaphragm, 26mm diameter x 26mm length, coupling made of stainless steel, strong corrosion resistance. Widely used in CNC machine tools, servo motors, spindles, stepping motors, etc.

    One Diaphragm Coupling, 6mm to 14mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GSM3432
    Low cost one diaphragm shaft coupler for sale, bore 6mm to 14mm, diameter 34mm, length 32mm, low inertia, high running speed, used to connect CNC machines, stepper motors and servo motors.

    One Diaphragm Coupling, 8mm to 16mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GSM39345
    High torque flexible shaft coupling size 39mm x 34.5mm, one diaphragm, bore 8mm to 16mm, maximum speed 10000rpm, rated torque 10N.m, backlash-free shaft and sleeve connection can be used for forward and reverse rotation.

    One Diaphragm Coupling, 8mm to 20mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GSM44345
    Sell couplings from 8 mm to 20 mm at a cheap price, one diaphragm, diameter 44mm, length 34.5mm, high torque rigidity and precise control, internal clamping design of the coupling is easy to install and use.

    Rigid Coupling, 16 x 16mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GNC-1616
    Rigid shaft coupling diameter 16mm, length 16mm, 4mm to 8mm, ratd torque 5 N.m, low inertia and high sensitivity, shaft coupler is made of high-strength aluminum alloy with strong corrosion resistance.

    Rigid Coupling, 16 x 24mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GNC-1624
    Rigid coupling diameter 16mm, 24mm length, rated torque 5 N.m, speed of 9400rpm, moment of inertia 2.9 X 10-7 N.m, rigid clamping couplings are widely used in automation equipment, lasers (marking, engraving, welding, cutting), non-standard automation, dispensing machines, screw machines, etc.

    Rigid Coupling, 20 x 20mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GNC-2020
    Diameter 20mm x length 20mm rigid coupling for sale, 5mm to 10mm, rated torque 10 N.m, speed of 7500rpm, high torque and high rigidity, the shaft couplers are widely applied to small CNC machines encoding and screw machines.

    Rigid Coupling, 20 x 30mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GNC-2030
    Rigid clamping couping adopts high-strength stainless steel as a whole, which has strong corrosion and oxidation resistance, rated torque 10 Nm, speed of 7500rpm. Diameter 20mm, length 30mm, 5mm to 10mm, clamping screw tightening method.

    Rigid Coupling, 25 x 25mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GNC-2525
    Sell low price rigid coupling, clamp type, 25mm x 25mm, bore 6mm to 12mm, rigid couplings have the advantages of light weight, ultra-low inertia and high sensitivity, widely used in automation equipment, laser marking and dispensing machines.

    Rigid Coupling, 25 x 36mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GNC-2536
    Light weight rigid coupling speed of 6000rpm, clamp type, 12Nm rated torque,diameter 25mm, length 36mm, load smoothly, reliable force transmission, easy to install and disassemble. Rigid shaft coupling has the advantages of maintenance-free, super oil and corrosion resistance.

    Rigid Coupling, 32 x 32mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GNC-3232
    Rigid shaft coupling diameter 32mm, length 32mm, 8mm to 15mm bore, 4700rpm speed, 15 N.m rated torque. Small size rigid coupling has the characteristics of light weight, low inertia and high sensitivity.

    Rigid Coupling, 32 x 41mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GNC-3241
    Rigid shaft coupling rated torque 19Nm, 32mm diameter, 41mm length, integrated structure, the overall use of high-strength alu-minum alloymaterial to ensure that the rigid coupling will not be corroded and oxidized after long-term use.

    Rigid Coupling, 40 x 44mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GNC-4044
    Sell high-sensitivity rigid couplings at low prices, 40mm diameter, 44mm length, bore 8mm to 20mm, easy to install and remove, light weight, low inertia, load smoothly, used for occasions with small transmission torque.

    Rigid Coupling, 50 x 55mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GNC-5055
    High torque rigid shaft coupling diameter 50mmm, length 55mm, speed of 4000rpm, simple structure, light weight, bore 0.39 inch to 1 inch, suitable for the connection of low speed, stable load, short and rigid shaft.

    Two Diaphragms Coupling, 10mm to 20mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GLM4450
    Sell 10mm to 20mm diaphragm coupling at low prices, diameter 44mm, length 50mm, rated torque 12 N.m, low inertia, high speed, specially designed for servo motor and stepper motor.

    Two Diaphragms Coupling, 12mm to 25mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GLM5664
    Shaft coupling bore 12mm to 25mm, 2 diaphragms, diameter 56mm, length 64mm, low inertia, high speed rotation, used to connect servo motors, stepping motors, encoders, screw drives, machine platforms, etc.

    Two Diaphragms Coupling, 4mm to 8mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GLM1927
    Shaft coupling has 2 diaphragms, length 27mm, width 19mm, 4mm to 8mm bore, internal tightening design, easy installation. Diaphragm coupling is suitable for connecting servo motors, stepper motors and encoders.

    Two Diaphragms Coupling, 6mm to 10mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GLM2635
    Double diaphragm coupling has high torque rigidity, high torque rigidity, accurate control of shaft rotation, 6mm to 10mm bore, length 35mm x height 26mm, rated torque 2N.m, clamp type installation, can be firmly fixed on the shaft.