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    Variac Voltage Regulator Price List

    The 3 phase variac voltage regulator is an electronic component used between the power supply and the load. Three-phase voltage regulator can well adjust the voltage, current and power applied to the load, and ensure a good circuit. Three phase variac voltage regulators are also called thyristor power regulators and power regulators.

    Variac transformer

    ATO Variac Voltage Regulator Price List

    We've listed variac voltage regulator sku for your reference, they all at great prices. For more infomation, please go to the variac voltage regulator products page.

    Name SKU Price Phase
    0.5 kVA Variac Voltage Regulator ATO-VVR-0d5K $169.58 1 Phase
    1 kVA Variac Voltage Regulator ATO-VVR-1K $256.32 1 Phase
    1.5 kVA Variac Voltage Regulator ATO-VVR-1d5K $389.39 3 Phase
    3 kVA Variac Voltage Regulator ATO-VVR-3K $446.38 3 Phase
    5 kVA Variac Voltage Regulator ATO-VVR-5K $758.65 3 Phase
    6 kVA Variac Voltage Regulator ATO-VVR3-6K $793.92 3 Phase
    10 kVA Variac Voltage Regulator ATO-VVR-10K $1,485.36 3 Phase
    15 kVA Variac Voltage Regulator ATO-VVR-15K $2,079.09 3 Phase
    20 kVA Variac Voltage Regulator ATO-VVR-20K $2,563.25 3 Phase
    30 kVA Variac Voltage Regulator ATO-VVR-30K $3,365.19 3 Phase

    Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want a variac transformer that is not listed in the table, please feel free to contact us.

    The principle of the variac transformer is to connect the four-layer three-terminal semiconductor device between the power supply and the load, and the corresponding trigger control circuit board to adjust the voltage, current and power applied to the load. It is mainly used to adjust the heating power of various electric heating devices. It can be adjusted "manually", and can cooperate with electric adjustment meters, intelligent adjustment meters, PLC and computer control systems to achieve constant value or program control of heating temperature.

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