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    150W Brushless DC Motor, 12V/24V, 0.48 Nm

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    Factory price 150 watt BLDC motor for sale online. 3 phase electric motor combines with controller, 12V or 24V DC voltage can be chosen. 3000 rpm rated speed, 0.48 Nm rated torque and peak torque of 1.43 Nm. Brushless DC motor add with brake, paired with gearbox is customizable.
    SKU: ATO-BLDC-150R3
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    150W BLDC motor & BLDC motor controller for sale at lower price, 12 volt, 48 volt working voltage, IP54 protection grade, 3000 rpm rated speed. 3 phase brushless DC motor kit designed for electric car application. In general, it would be more cost-effective to buy a complete set of our motors (brushless dc motor + controller + gearbox).

    Basic Specifications

    • Model: ATO-D2BLD150-30S
    • Matched Controller Model: ATO-BLD750 (Click to the product page)
    • Rated Power: 150W
    • Rated Voltage: 12V DC / 24V DC (Optional)
    • Rated Current: 15.63A at 12V, 7.81A at 24V
    • Phase: 3 phase
    • Holding Torque: 0.48 Nm
    • Peak Torque: 1.43 Nm
    • Rated Speed: 3000 rpm for standard (or 2000 rpm when matching the worm gearbox)
    • No-load Speed: 3300 rpm
    • Square Flange Size: 57 mm
    • Weight: 3 kg

    Technical Parameters

    • Working Efficiency: 85%
    • Number of Pole: 4 pairs of poles (8 poles)
    • Brake Apparatus Voltage: 24V DC/ 48V DC, (Electromagnetic brake will trigger when the DC supply cuts off)
    • Brake Size: Φ56*32mm
    • No-load Current: <5.2A at 12V, <3.31A at 24V
    • Insulation Grade: F
    • Protection Grade: IP54
    • Working Temperature: 10℃~+40℃
    • Humidity: ≤90% (no condensation)
    • Motor Lead Length: 1 meter
    • Certificate: CE, ROHs, ISO

    Note: Power, Voltage, Speed, Shaft, Motor Length, Motor Lead of ATO BLDC Motors can be customized.


    1. High performance and low consumption
      150W BLDC motor is three phase electric motor, which especially suited for application requiring higher efficiency and power density.
    2. Wide application range and good control effect
      BLDC motor works with a matching controller (ATO-BLD750) may achieve simple to complex control, turn from CW to CCW, and meet various communication requirements (RS232, RS485, CAN, etc.). BLDC controller can be controlled through 0-5VDC analog signal to adjust the speed.
    3. Wide control speed torque range
      Brushless dc motor works with a gearbox (choose planetary gearbox with gear ratio from 4:1 to 200:1 or worm gearbox with gear ratio from 7.5:1 to 100:1) effectively reduce the motor's speed and moment of inertia to increase torque in your application, because the gearbox can control the start/stop and change speed in time.
    4. Low noise and smooth operation
      Brushless dc motor has no brushes, no sparks will be generated during operation, which greatly reduces friction.
    5. Good protection performance and continuous duty (24/7)
      150W BLDC motor kit adopts a new type of sealing device, which has good protection performance and strong adaptability to the environment, and works continuously in harsh environments such as corrosion and humidity.

    Line Define

    BLDC motor line define

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    150W BLDC motor dimension

    Speed - Torque Curve

    150W bldc motor torque speed curve

    • Instantaneous maximum torque line
      The maximum torque momentarily impacts the load when the motor is started.
      Beyond this torque, the over-current protection of the driver will cause the motor to stop.
    • Short time operation area
      The motor can run at a short time within this torque range at different speeds.
      If the operation time is too long, the motor will generate heat, which may cause the motor to stop or burn.
    • Rated operating torque line
      The rated torque of motor running at different speeds, and the motor can run for a long time at this torque.
    • Continuous operating area
      When the motor rotates at different speeds, it runs continuously in this corresponding zone.


    150W BLDC Motor Details

    Tips: How to select a gearbox for 150W brushless DC motor?

    1. First of all, we must understand that the rated torque of our BLDC motor should be less than the rated output torque of the gearbox, otherwise, the deceleration opportunity will be fixed load.
    2. Secondly, the speed reduction ratio of our gearbox should not be too small. The judgment method is that the rated power of brushless motor multiplied by the speed reduction ratio is greater than the load torque.
    3. Finally, when the torque of the gearbox meets the design requirements, the accuracy control should also meet the design requirements. Because of this, the two are used together. The motor is usually sold together with the gearbox, but sometimes when one of them breaks down, they have to buy again, either the same as the original, or according to the original specific speed and other parameters.


    ATO High Torque BLDC Motor Drawings & Price


    1. ATO highly recommends 48V motors because all models of 48V are in stock, the price is cheaper and the delivery time is shorter, only about 7 days.
    2. 24V/ 72V/ 96V motors are generally not in stock, need to be produced by the factory, which will cost more to start the production line and the delivery time will be longer, about 25 days.
    3. The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please feel free to contact us.
    Model Motor Price Controller Price Rated Power
    (USD/Piece) (USD/Piece) (kW)
    80mm Series DC Brushless Motor
    ATO-80WDM01330 24/48/72/96V 24V: 458.24 395.52 0.41
    48V: 305.49
    72/96V: 580.43
    ATO-80WDM02420 24/48/72/96V 24V: 564.53 395.52 0.5
    48V: 376.35
    72/96V: 715.06
    ATO-80WDM02430 24/48/72/96V 24V: 529.16 395.52 0.75
    48V: 352.77
    72/96V: 670.26
    ATO-80WDM03320 24/48/72/96V 24V: 597.68 395.52 0.69
    48V: 398.45
    72/96V: 757.36
    ATO-80WDM03330 24/48/72/96V 24V: 639.27 395.52 1.04
    48V: 426.18
    72/96V: 809.74
    110mm Series DC Brushless Motor
    ATO-110WDM02020 24/48/72/96V 24V: 687.38 395.52 0.4
    48V: 458.25
    72/96V: 824.85
    ATO-110WDM02030 24/48/72/96V 24V: 745.11 395.52 0.6
    48V: 496.74
    72/96V: 894.13
    ATO-110WDM04010 24/48/72/96V 24V: 779.86 395.52 0.4
    48V: 519.93
    72/96V: 935.87
    ATO-110WDM04020 24/48/72/96V 24V: 788.57 395.52 0.8
    48V: 525.71
    72/96V: 988.33
    ATO-110WDM04030 24/48/72/96V 24V: 798.63 653.05 1.3
    48V: 532.42
    72/96V: 1001.95
    ATO-110WDM06010 24/48/72/96V 24V: 758.82 395.52 0.6
    48V: 505.88
    72/96V: 956.69
    ATO-110WDM06020 24/48/72/96V 24V: 819.59 653.05 1.3
    48V: 546.39
    72/96V: 1010.82
    ATO-110WDM06030 24/48/72/96V 24V: 995.94 653.05 1.9
    48V: 553.28
    72/96V: 1051.23
    130mm Series DC Brushless Motor
    ATO-130WDM04010 24/48/72/96V 24V: 876.95 395.52 0.4
    48V: 584.62
    72/96V: 1099.08
    ATO-130WDM04020 24/48/72/96V 24V: 910.67 395.52 0.8
    48V: 607.13
    72/96V: 1104.98
    ATO-130WDM04030 24/48/72/96V 24V: 959.18 653.05 1.3
    48V: 639.45
    72/96V: 1151.01
    ATO-130WDM06010 24/48/72/96V 24V: 987.65 395.52 0.6
    48V: 658.43
    72/96V: 1185.17
    ATO-130WDM06020 24/48/72/96V 24V: 1012.23 653.05 1.3
    48V: 674.82
    72/96V: 1147.19
    ATO-130WDM06030 24/48/72/96V 24V: 1047.72 653.05 1.9
    48V: 698.48
    72/96V: 1208.34
    ATO-130WDM07710 24/48/72/96V 24V: 1060.07 395.52 0.8
    48V: 706.71
    72/96V: 1257.94
    ATO-130WDM07720 24/48/72/96V 24V: 1093.21 653.05 1.6
    48V: 738.65
    72/96V: 1292.64
    ATO-130WDM07730 48/72/96V 48V: 751.52 653.05 2.3
    72/96V: 1337.71
    ATO-130WDM10010 24/48/72/96V 24V: 1161.55 653.05 1
    48V: 784.83
    72/96V: 1396.89
    ATO-130WDM10020 24/48/72/96V 24V: 1224.36 653.05 2
    48V: 816.24
    72/96V: 1371.28
    ATO-130WDM10030 48/72/96V 48V: 879.12 898.21 3.1
    72/96V: 1450.55
    ATO-130WDM15010 24/48/72/96V 24V:1311.88 653.05 1.6
    48V: 936.47
    72/96V: 1498.35
    ATO-130WDM15020 48/72/96V 48V: 1086.36 898.21 3.1
    72/96V: 1738.17
    ATO-130WDM15030 48/72/96V 48V: 1127.54 1119.07 4.7
    72/96V: 1804.64
    180mm Series DC Brushless Motor
    ATO-180WDM12010 48/72/96V 48V: 1246.31 653.05 1.3
    72/96V: 1994.09
    ATO-180WDM12020 48/72/96V 48V: 1323.69 653.05 2.5
    72/96V: 2117.91
    ATO-180WDM12030 48/72/96V 48V: 1398.84 898.21 3.8
    72/96V: 2238.14
    ATO-180WDM16010 48/72/96V 48V: 1555.69 653.05 1.7
    72/96V: 2411.32
    ATO-180WDM16020 48/72/96V 48V: 1625.36 898.21 3.4
    72/96V: 2568.07
    ATO-180WDM16030 48/72/96V 48V: 1745.93 1119.07 5
    72/96V: 2618.89
    ATO-180WDM25010 48/72/96V 48V: 2012.54 653.05 2.6
    72/96V: 3179.81
    ATO-180WDM25020 48/72/96V 48V: 2274.19 1119.07 5.2
    72/96V: 3411.26
    ATO-180WDM25030 48/72/96V 48V: 2448.58 1531.99 7.9
    72/96V: 3672.87
    ATO-180WDM36010 48/72/96V 48V: 2644.28 898.21 3.8
    72/96V: 3966.42
    ATO-180WDM36020 48/72/96V 48V: 2832.56 1119.07 7.5
    72/96V: 4248.84
    ATO-180WDM36030 72/96V 72/96V: 4334.69 1885.15 11.3
    ATO-180WDM50010 48/72/96V 48V: 3284.58 1119.07 5.2
    72/96V: 4556.41
    ATO-180WDM50020 48/72/96V 48V: 4344.12 1531.99 10.8
    72/96V: 5994.72
    ATO-180WDM50030 96V 96V: 6204.65 2261.84 15.7
    Existing reviews of 150W Brushless DC Motor, 12V/24V, 0.48 Nm
    The diameter of that DC motor shaft
    The main question I need answered is just the diameter of that shaft that is spun on the gear box. What is the diameter of this driveshaft?
    Also it says shipping times would be 6-12 days.
    Is that correct for the item I said?
    From: benson | Date: 01/03/2023
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    This 150W motor can use a frame flange of 86mm or 57mm. Do you have any requirements for the frame size of the motor?
    Please check the drawings of the attached 150W motor (86mm frame) and gearbox to check if this drawing is OK.
    The lead time of 1 unit motor and gearbox will be approx 25 days.
    What is diameter and profile of DC Motor?
    12V Planetary gear 7:1 no brake so when is the size of the shaft coming out of gear box? What is diameter and profile?
    From: abner | Date: 01/03/2023
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    The diameter of the output shaft of the gearbox is about 14mm, and the height of the keyway is 17mm.
    What is your requirement for the diameter of the output shaft of the gearbox?
    Very useful
    Looks like it will work great for adding speed control between a fixed DC power supply and a lot of DC motors. Very useful and easy to connect.
    From: Glack | Date: 19/04/2022
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    Do you have high power low speed brushless DC motors?
    Do you have a high power low speed dc brushless motor? Like 500W, 500rpm, 24V DC.
    From: Markw | Date: 19/01/2022
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    Yes, we have. And you can use the controller to get 500rpm or any other speed as you like.
    Do you provide high efficiency BLDC motors?
    Do you provide high efficiency BLDC motors?
    From: Mcgowan | Date: 06/01/2022
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    Max efficiency is (80-85%).
    How many of your BLDC motors can be customized at least?
    Can you send your BLDC motor to Lithuania?
    From: Mulluns | Date: 30/12/2021
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    This is a concept project. What's the min order?
    Yes, we ship worldwide. You can even order 1pcs. It is okay.
    Can you provide a stronger BLDC motor controller with an aluminium body?
    Can you provide a stronger BLDC motor controller with an aluminium body?
    From: Allen | Date: 29/11/2021
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    Yes, we have a stronger (aluminum body), but the price will be higher (an option).
    ATO can provide the largest BLDC motor
    What is the largest BLDC you can provide?
    From: Wayne | Date: 23/06/2021
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    The largest BLDC motor we provide is 96V, 20kW, 100Nm.
    Complete 150W BLDC motor kit
    The gearbox is mounting for your 150W BLDC motor kit?
    From: Thrifty | Date: 12/04/2021
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    Yes, if you ordered the motor along with the gear box, then they will be connected and tested in the factory before shipping out.
    Rated power of 150W BLDC motor kit
    For your 150W BLDC motor, can I order a 12V DC motor and provide 24V DC power to its controller?
    From: Karen | Date: 28/03/2021
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    Yes, you can, but we recommend matching, that is, the rated voltage of the motor is 12VDC, and then provide 12VDC to the controller.
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