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    AC Contactor Price List

    AC contactor is an intermediate control element, which can frequently turn on and off the line, and control large current with small current. Used in conjunction with thermal relays, it can also play a certain role in overload protection of load equipment. Compared with human manual opening and closing circuits, AC contactors are more efficient, can be flexibly used, and can open and close multiple load lines at the same time. The lock status continues to work.
    ATO ac contactor
    AC Contactor Rated Voltage

    The rated voltage of the AC contactor refers to the rated operating voltage of the main contacts of the AC contactor 3, which should be equal to the rated operating voltage of the load. The AC contactor generally has several rated voltage values, and the corresponding rated current or control power will be listed in the technical specification at the same time. Usually the maximum working voltage is the rated voltage, such as 220-230V, 230-240V, 380-400V and 400-415V.

    Rated Current of AC Contactor
    The rated current of the AC contactor refers to the rated current value of the main contact of the AC contactor. Commonly used current ratings are 9A, 12A, 16A, 26A, 30A, 40A, 50A, 63A, 75A, 95A; 110A, 145A, 150A, 175A, 210A, 260A; 300A, 375A, 550A, 1000A, 1350A, 1650A, and 1650A 2000A and so on.        

    ATO AC Contactor Price List

    We've listed ac contactor sku for your reference, they all at great prices. For more infomation, please go to the AC contactors products page.

    Name SKU Price Coil Rated Voltage
    9 Amps 3 Pole AC Contactor ATO-ACCON-009 $38.90 24V/110V/220V
    12 Amps 3 Pole AC Contactor ATO-ACCON-012 $41.46 24V/110V/220V
    18 Amps 3 Pole AC Contactor ATO-ACCON-018 $45.50 24V/110V/220V
    25 Amps 3 Pole AC Contactor ATO-ACCON-025 $50.27 24V/110V/220V
    32 Amps 3 Pole AC contactor ATO-ACCON-032 $48.90 24V/110V/220V
    40 Amps 4 Pole AC Contactor ATO-ACCON-040 $66.79 24V/110V/220V
    50 Amps 4 Pole AC Contactor ATO-ACCON-050 $87.50 24V/110V/220V
    80 Amps 4 Pole AC Contactor ATO-ACCON-080 $89.90 24V/110V/220V
    95 Amps 4 Pole AC Contactor ATO-ACCON-095 $107.42 24V/110V/220V

    Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want a AC contactor that is not listed in the table, please feel free to contact us.

    AC Contactor Making and Breaking Ability

    The contactor's making and breaking capacity includes two indicators: the maximum making current and the maximum making current.
    The maximum on current refers to the maximum current value at which the contact is closed without causing contact welding. The maximum breaking current refers to the maximum current that can be reliably extinguished when the contact is opened. -General on-off capacity is 5-10 times of rated current. The on-off capability is related to the voltage level. The higher the voltage level, the smaller the on-off capability.

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