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    How to Make Current Sensor?

    The current sensor is a detection device that can sense the information of the measured current and convert the sensed information into an electrical signal that meets a certain standard or other required form of information output to meet the transmission of information, processing, storage, display, recording and control requirements. As the main components in the control and transmission system, the Hall current sensor plays an important role in the overall stability of the equipment. Hall current sensors are widely used in various industries such as frequency control, battery detection, power supply, servo, welding machine power supply, photovoltaic inverter, wind power inverter, electroplating, locomotive and so on.

    The manufacturing process of the current sensor is very complicated and has many operation steps. Now ATO shows you how to make current sensor, so that you can have a better understanding of the current sensor.

    Difference Between Current Sensor and Current Transformer

    Current transformer is mainly used to measure the current of busbar and primary side with iron core coils in AC occasion. It can detect the DC current, can be single core or dual cores, generally, it's equipped with auxiliary DC winding. Such a structure is simple, reliable and slow. Technology and design of the current transformer are complex, its common precision is 5%, it's difficult to reach 0.5% because phase position and compensation are difficult. A current transformer is an electrical component that turns large current into small current, it doesn't change the current frequency but only the size. Its secondary side current is 5A, that means the output rated current is 5A. It's mainly used for electrical control, measurement, protection and signal.