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    Analog Bandwidth VS Digital Real-time Bandwidth

    Bandwidth is one of the most important indexes of oscilloscope. The bandwidth of analog oscilloscope is a fixed value, while the bandwidth of digital oscilloscope has two kinds: analog bandwidth and digital real-time bandwidth. The maximum bandwidth that digital oscilloscope can achieve by using sequential sampling or random sampling technology for repeated signals is the digital real-time bandwidth of oscilloscope. The digital real-time bandwidth is related to the maximum digital frequency and waveform reconstruction technology factor K (digital real-time bandwidth = maximum digital rate / k), which is generally not directly given as an index. 

    How to Use Digital Oscilloscope?

    Digital oscilloscope is an indispensable tool for the design, manufacture and maintenance of electronic equipment. With the rapid development of technology and market demand, engineers need the best tools to quickly and accurately solve the measurement challenges. As the eyes of engineers, digital oscilloscope is very important to meet the current difficult measurement challenges. Because of the unique advantages of waveform trigger, storage, display, measurement, waveform data analysis and processing, digital oscilloscope is widely used. Due to the large performance difference between digital oscilloscope and analog oscilloscope, if used improperly, it will produce large measurement error, thus affecting the test task.

    What is an Oscilloscope Probe?

    The oscilloscope probe is mainly used to guide the measured voltage signal from the measuring point into the oscilloscope for measurement. Probe is crucial to the accuracy and correctness of the measurement results, as it's the electronic component connecting the measured circuit and the input of the oscilloscope. The simplest probe is a wire that connects the measured circuit and the input of the oscilloscope, a complex probe consists of resistor-capacitor unit and active devices. A simple probe has no shielding measures, so it's susceptible to external electromagnetic interference. Meanwhile, larger equivalent capacitance in it would increase the load on the measured circuit, thus leading to distortion of the measured signal.

    Troubleshooting with the Oscilloscope

    There is no signal waveform on the screen when collecting signals?
    1. Check whether the detector is normally connected to the signal wire.
    2. Check whether the signal wire is normally connected to the BNC (namely channel connector).
    3. Check whether the detector is normally connected with the object under measurement.
    4. Check whether the object under measurement produces a signal (Signal channel can be connected with the fault channel to find out the fault).
    5. Collect the signal again.
    6. Check the state of the trigger mode.