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    How Plating Rectifier Works in Plating Process?

    The plating rectifier adopts high frequency switching pulse technology and has the reasonable product structure and strong reliability. Because of its small size, light weight, high efficiency and high reliability, the power supply has become a new generation of silicon controlled rectifier and has been widely used in various plating solutions in the electroplating industry. Electroplating process includes four aspects: Electroplating solution, electroplating reaction, electrode and reaction principle, and electrodeposition process of metal.

    7 Steps to Install Plating Rectifier Safely

    Plating rectifier is a rectifier power supply, which is simply a device that converts AC to DC. It has two main functions: First, it converts AC power to DC power and supplies it to the load after filtering, or to the inverter. Second, it provides charging voltage to the storage battery. Therefore, it also plays the role a charger at the same time.
    ATO explains the installation steps of high-frequency electroplating rectifiers for you, so that you can install the rectifier correctly, and operate directly after you turn on the power.