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    Centrifuge Machine Price List

    Centrifuge machines are an essential tool in many fields, including medical laboratories, industrial manufacturing, and scientific research. A laboratory centrifuge, also known as an experimental centrifuge, is a small centrifuge machine designed for experimental analysis. A centrifuge machine is a device that uses the centrifugal force generated by a rotating object around a fixed axis to simulate the earth's gravity field and cause sedimentation of objects, thereby separating molecules of different densities and different gradients in the material. The technique of using centrifugal sedimentation for material analysis and separation is called centrifugation. Currently, various types of centrifuges and centrifugation techniques have been widely applied in scientific research and production departments, and have become important equipment for modern scientific research. Laboratory centrifuges are essential equipment for scientific research and production in industries such as biology, medicine, agriculture, biotechnology, and biopharmaceuticals.

    ATO industrial automation provides 4000 rpm/6000 rpm/8000 rpm/11000 rpm centrifuge with exquisite appearance, small space occupation can meet different experimental needs, and is an ideal choice for laboratories, enterprises, classrooms, workplaces, etc. ATO microcentrifuges are widely used in the centrifugation of PCR experiments, medical cosmetology, micro blood cell isolation, and microbial sample processing.

    In the following, ATO online store will show the price list of our centrifuge machines.

    ATO Centrifuge Machine Price List:

    Product SKU Rotary speed Price Net weight
     6000 rmp centrifuge machine ATO-CM4000 4000 rmp $298.67 1.4kg
    ATO-CMD4000 4000 rmp $348.76 1.5kg
    ATO-CMD6000 6000 rmp $392.69 1.5kg
    ATO-CMD8000 8000 rmp $446.89 1.6kg
    ATO-CMD11000 11000 rmp $492.69 1.6kg

    Centrifuge machine maintenance precautions

    • The installation of the centrifuge should be based on the performance of the centrifuge to select a suitable location for placement. For general low-speed centrifuges (desktop type), they can be placed on a stable and firm countertop (its base is equipped with rubber suction feet, which can be tightly attached to the countertop by atmospheric pressure and the weight of the instrument).
    • Large-capacity low-speed centrifuges, high-speed centrifuges, and high-speed cryogenic centrifuges should be placed on solid and level ground. Before selecting a suitable rotor for centrifugation, the load should be balanced, and the weight error should be minimized. Otherwise, severe vibration may occur, causing damage to the centrifugal rotor and shaft.
    • The centrifuge rack and centrifuge separation rack must be placed after the centrifuge tube is installed and operated, and it is strictly forbidden to operate without any tube in the rack.


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