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    4 kW 120v/220v Alternator, 3 Phase

    SKU: ATO-PMG-4kW
    Buy cheap price permanent magnet generator for wind turbine, 3 phase, 120V or 220V alternator 4000w, max power is 6600 watt, rated speed 300rpm, rated torque 99.6Nm, other rated voltage and speed can be customized.

    5 kW 120v/220v Alternator, 3 Phase

    SKU: ATO-PMG-5kW
    5kW 3 phase permanent magnet alternator for sale, rated voltage 96V/120V/220V/380V is optional, max power 7000W, rated torque 159.2Nm, low rpm alternator generator can be used in industrial and agricultural production, daily life and national defense technology.

    10 kW 120v/220v/420v Alternator, 3 Phase

    SKU: ATO-PMG-10kW
    Manufacturer price 10kw alternator generator for sale, 3 phase, rated power 10000W, max power 13000W, 170 rpm rated speed, low rpm permanent magnet generator rated torque is 159.2Nm, great application in industrial and agricultural production and daily life.