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    Magnetic Drive Pump Price List

    Magnetic drive pumps are a special type of centrifugal pump with many application areas such as chemical industry, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, semiconductor production laboratories, etc. The price of a magnetic drive pump depends on several factors, including pump type, size, materials, performance, and brand. Below is the price list of One-stop Industrial Automation Shop magnetic drive pumps to help you understand the price range of different types and specifications.

    A magnetic drive pump is a specially designed pump that uses a magnetic drive to push liquid without the need for mechanical seals. The working principle of magnetic drive pumps is based on magnetic coupling. There is a pair of magnetic drives inside and outside the magnetic drive pump, which drives the internal magnet through an external magnetic field, thereby turning the impeller of the pump, drawing liquid in and out from the inlet, without the need for mechanical seals, ensuring that the liquid is completely sealed and leak-free. This magnetic drive pump is often used to handle corrosive, toxic, or expensive liquids, providing high safety and reliability, and is widely used in chemical, medical, and laboratory fields.

    ATO Magnetic Drive Pump Price List

    Product Name Motor Output SKU USD
    0.2 HP Magnetic Drive Pump 0.15 kW ATO-MDP-02HP 811.91
    0.3 HP Magnetic Drive Pump 0.25 kW ATO-MDP-03HP 832.95
    0.4 HP Magnetic Drive Pump 0.33 kW ATO-MDP-04HP 1245.67
    0.5 HP Magnetic Drive Pump 0.37 kW ATO-MDP-05HP 1488.81
    1 HP Magnetic Drive Pump 0.75 kW ATO-MDP-1HP 1657.86
    2 HP Magnetic Drive Pump 1.5 kW ATO-MDP-2HP 2190.12
    3 HP Magnetic Drive Pump 2.2 kW ATO-MDP-3HP 2362.23
    5 HP Magnetic Drive Pump 3.7 kW ATO-MDP-5HP 3126.51
    7.5 HP Magnetic Drive Pump 5.5 kW ATO-MDP-75HP 4005.16

    Purchase Precautions

    • Application Requirements: Clarify the required flow rate, pressure, material, and working environment to select the appropriate magnetic drive pump type and specifications.
    • Material Selection: Select the appropriate magnetic drive pump material according to the properties of the liquid being pumped, such as stainless steel, polypropylene, or polytetrafluoroethylene.
    • Performance Requirements: Ensure magnetic drive pump performance is adequate for specific application needs, including flow, pressure, and temperature ranges.
    • Brand and Quality: Choose well-known brands and reliable suppliers to ensure product quality and after-sales support.
    • Safety: Consider the safety of your work environment, especially when handling toxic or corrosive liquids.
    • Maintenance Requirements: Understand the maintenance and upkeep requirements of your mag drive pump to estimate overall operating costs.
    • Operating Noise: Consider the operating noise level of a magnetic drive pump, especially in applications where low noise is required.
    • Specifications and Certifications: Ensure that the selected magnetic drive pump meets relevant industry standards and certification requirements.
    • Price and Budget: Choose the best magnetic drive pump based on your budget and performance requirements.
    • After-Sales Service: Find out about the after-sales support, warranty, and parts availability provided by your supplier.

    Magnetic drive pump prices are for reference only, actual prices may vary depending on region, supplier, and market competition. Before purchasing, it is recommended to carefully research different brands and models to ensure that you choose a magnetic drive pump that suits your needs and budget. Additionally, maintenance and operating costs are important factors when considering purchasing a magnetic drive pump.

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