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    Magnetic Drive Pump Troubleshooting

    Magnetic drive pump, is a kind of permanent magnetic coupling working principle applied to centrifugal pumps, has a long service life, no maintenance, not easy to leak, waterproof, small size, high efficiency, etc. Widely used in computer water-cooling systems, fountains, coffee makers, soilless cultivation, swimming pool water circulation filtration and so on, loved by the public consumers. In daily use, incorrect operation methods and use habits may cause magnetic drive pump failure. has summarized the following common failures and solutions when using magnetic drive pumps.

    The Magnetic Drive Pump Bearing Damage

    Cause analysis: Magnetic drive pump bearings using the information is high-density carbon, such as the pump breaks water or impurities in the pump, it will form bearing damage. Cylindrical coupling inside and outside the magnetic rotor coaxial request if not guaranteed, will also directly affect the bearing life.

    Solution: Check whether the pump shaft is broken, should also check the pump dynamic ring, static ring is intact, the entire rotor can be a small amount of axial movement. If the axial movement is difficult, you can check whether the carbon bearing can be separated from the pump shaft too tight. If the disassembly of equipment, mechanical seals and bearings and other wear parts are found to be worn or damaged, should be replaced in a timely manner. Attention should be paid to timely cleaning impurities in use to ensure that the pump is clean.

    0.15kw magnetic drive pump

    The Magnetic Drive Pump Shaft Broken

    Cause analysis: Magnetic drive pump shaft is 99% of the information used in the alumina ceramic, the main reason for the pump shaft fracture is due to pump idling, bearing dry wear and the shaft will be twisted off. When the pump is disassembled and inspected, the bearings can be seen to be severely worn.

    Solution: Magnetic pumps need to be pumped before the start of the operation, the operation of the pump can not be no liquid or liquid level is too low.

    The Lack of Flow

    Cause analysis: Impeller damage, speed is not enough, the head is too high, and there is debris in the pipe obstruction.


    • Pump speed is too low:When the rotational speed of the magnetic pump is insufficient, it will lead to the lack of flow of the pump, and the rotational speed of the pump can be adjusted appropriately to improve the flow.
    • Impeller wear or damage:The impeller is one of the main components of the magnetic pump flow, if the impeller is damaged or worn out excessively, it will lead to a drop in flow, and the impeller needs to be replaced or repaired.
    • Pump piping clogging or pump outlet resistance:If the pump internal or piping material clogging or resistance, or the pump outlet piping resistance, will lead to a decline in flow rate, need to be cleaned or serviced promptly.
    • Liquid viscosity becomes large:When the viscosity of the liquid becomes large, the flow rate of the pump will drop accordingly, need to choose a more suitable type of pump or increase the power of the pump to improve the flow rate.
    • Inlet pressure drop: If the pump's inlet pressure drops, it will also lead to a drop in flow, need to ensure that the pump's inlet pressure is stable.

    The Head is too Low

    Cause analysis: There is air in the pumping medium, the impeller is damaged, the rotating speed is not enough, the specific gravity of the pumping liquid is too large, and the flow rate is too large.

    Solution: Can be adjusted through the pump outlet valve, the valve is closed, the flow decreases, and the head increases. Open valve, flow rate increases, head decreases. You need to restore the rated speed of the pump. If the impeller is damaged or excessively worn, you need to replace or repair the impeller.

    The Magnetic Drive Pump Does not Hit the Liquid

    Cause analysis: Magnetic drive pump can not hit the liquid is the most common fault of the pump, the reasons are pump reversal, intake pipe leakage. Pump cavity water storage being too small. Voltage being too high. Startup coupling slippage. Suction range being too high reasons.

    Solution: You need to check that the magnetic pump suction line is not leaking, that air is being expelled from the line, that the amount of liquid filling the pump is sufficient, that there is no debris clogging the line, and that the suction height is not too high. You can replace the motor wiring to eliminate air leakage, increase the amount of water storage appropriately, and preferably adjust the voltage and lower the installation position of the magnetic water pump.

    Too Much Noise

    Cause analysis: Pump shaft serious wear, serious wear of shaft sleeve, drive magnet cup, and isolation sleeve contact.

    Solution: Replace the pump shaft, replace the shaft sleeve, dismantle the pump head, and reassemble.

    Liquid Leakage

    Cause analysis: Caused by seal ring wear, aging seals or improper installation, etc.

    Solution: Replace the seals, repair the pump body, or replace the fasteners. Check whether the installation method is wrong.

    To avoid these common problems, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance and servicing of the magnetic pump, checking the wear and tear of seals, bearings, impellers, and other components to ensure that the pump is in proper operating condition. ATO offers the best magnetic drive pumps for you to choose from, with power ratings of 0.2 HP (0.15 kW), 0.3 HP (0.25 kW), 1 HP (0.75 kW)7.5 HP (5.5 kW) ...... For more information, please go to the Magnetic Drive Pumps shopping page.

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