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    Tag: laser drilling

    Laser drilling technology for aero turbine engine vane

    At present, different processing means and processing technologies constantly emerge. Although the traditional technical approach is also refining, it still can't satisfy the present processing demand. Laser drilling is the earliest practical laser processing technology. It is also one of the main application fields of the laser processing. The materials with high rigidity and melting point can't realize some of their technological requirements through the traditional processing means. However, it is totally not difficult to achieve through laser drilling.

    Laser technology on mobile phone

    Except laser cutting, laser welding and laser marking technology, laser drilling is also one of the most important processing technologies in the mobile phone manufacturing. Because the laser can concentrate the energy in a very small area and it is controlled through the computer, it is very convenient to satisfy the processing requirement accurately.
    laser technology on mobile phone

    Laser marking machine for food packaging industry

    The laser system will be able to choose a certain thin layer to line in the soft package. Such a behavior will be able to realize the perfect tearable effect and maintain the completeness of the thin layer, so that the outer layer will be kept perfect and not be damaged. As a result, we can prevent the products in the package from having problems of keeping in light and moisture.