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    Laser technology on mobile phone

    In recent years, with the prosperous development of the smart phone, the design processing of the mobile phone has also gone through great changes. The continuous innovative technological design is providing higher challenges to the present processing for numerous times. Because the current smart phone technology is updating quickly and the product cycle is very short, the mobile phone manufacturers have to utilize their innovative design and characteristic experience to win the consumers in order to gain their favors and pursuits. Every technological breakthrough can't leave the support of the processing technology. Except laser cutting, laser welding and laser marking technology, laser drilling is also one of the most important processing technologies in the mobile phone manufacturing. Because the laser can concentrate the energy in a very small area and it is controlled through the computer, it is very convenient to satisfy the processing requirement accurately. In particularly, as the increasing higher integrated requirement to the electronic components and the even exquisite requirement to the design, it has to conduct very complicated operation to adopt the traditional processing means to some tiny and deep holes. Furthermore, the ratio of the finished products is also difficult to be ensured.
    laser technology on mobile phone
    At present, the laser drilling has the following characteristics:

    1. Laser drilling has fast speed, high efficiency and good economic return.
    2. Laser drilling can obtain a high ratio of pit-depth to pit-diameter.
    3. Laser drilling can be conducted on every hard, crisp and soft material.
    4. Laser drilling has to tool wear.
    5. Laser drilling is suitable for the group hole processing with large quantity and high density.
    6. The laser can be used to process small holes on the inclined surface of the materials which is hard to be processed.

    Because the laser has high energy and concentration, it is easy to minimize the diameter of the spot light into the micron size. The energy density in the laser beam is controlled within the 100~1,000W/cm2. Sometimes, the energy density can be higher. Under such a high power density, it can conduct laser drilling on almost all materials, which has satisfied the diversified requirements of the mobile phone manufacturing greatly. For example, the present PCB drilling, receiver and antenna drilling, earphone drilling are mostly employed the laser to have deep-hole machining. The adoption of the laser for processing will not only have high efficiency, but also low fabrication cost. In the earlier stage, the input might be higher because of the expensive laser marking machine. However, in the later stage, because the fiber laser marking machine has low maintenance cost and long operation life, the cost investment can be reduced greatly. Meanwhile, laser processing has a wide range, so it can satisfy the present diversified processing demand. With the constant enriching of the functions of the smart phones, the structure of the mobile phone is also becoming more complicated. A very small area will be compressed by the engineer for many times, so as to obtain the best design effect. Confronting such complicated processing, even a tiny unsmooth place will affect the entire operation of the mobile phone. Therefore, in order to guarantee the perfect inlay and integration of every component, the processing mean with extremely high precision degree must be used for processing. Therefore, the laser deep-hole machining has solved the drilling problem in the mobile phone manufacturing process, and provided a broader space for the manufacturing and design of the mobile phone. The high-efficient, precise and tiny processing advantages will enable more and more mobile phone manufacturers to adopt laser to process and manufacture.

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