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    Tag: laser welding

    Laser drilling technology for aero turbine engine vane

    At present, different processing means and processing technologies constantly emerge. Although the traditional technical approach is also refining, it still can't satisfy the present processing demand. Laser drilling is the earliest practical laser processing technology. It is also one of the main application fields of the laser processing. The materials with high rigidity and melting point can't realize some of their technological requirements through the traditional processing means. However, it is totally not difficult to achieve through laser drilling.

    Laser technology on mobile phone

    Except laser cutting, laser welding and laser marking technology, laser drilling is also one of the most important processing technologies in the mobile phone manufacturing. Because the laser can concentrate the energy in a very small area and it is controlled through the computer, it is very convenient to satisfy the processing requirement accurately.
    laser technology on mobile phone

    Laser technology in electric car

    The automobile manufacturers adopt the advanced steel to weld the on-line laser welding system and employ the fiber laser cutting device to conduct deep processing of the auto sheet. The laser welding equipment of tailored blanks has the full-automatic feeding and blanking mechanical arm as well as the full-automatic workpiece matching organism. Coordinated with the fiber welding connection and welding seam tracking system, it is mainly used to process the metal material products and the sheet workblank of the inner and outer surface of the automobile.
    laser cutting machine for electric car body sheet

    Laser Welding Machine for Flat Plate Solar Collectors

    Disadvantage of ultrasonic welding: Ultrasonic welding is the use of high frequency vibration wave transmitted to the two surfaces to be welded, in the case of pressure, the friction between the two surfaces forming the fusion molecule layer. After extrusion welding material becomes very weak, a significant reduction in material strength, easy to break.
    Advantage of laser welding: Laser welding is the way to focus high energy density to the joint position of 2 welding pieces, fuse 2 welding pieces instantly, Molecules rearrange the combination, achieve the high welding strength. Laser welding is non-contact welding, no deformation and less heat area.

    laser welding equipment

    Laser Welding Technology for Cardiac Pacemakers

    It's successful that use laser welding machine on the implanted pacemaker for seam welding. This passage describes the laser welding machine structure and selection of welding technology parameters. With the development of medical technology, in recent years, the demand for implanted heart pacemakers is growing. In order to develop this product, ATO actively cooperates with relevant enterprises to apply laser machining technology to the heart pacemaker industry. After more than one year repeated experiments, finally solved the implant type pacemaker shell sealing welding technology, meet the extremely strict quality requirements of the cardiac pacemakers' production.