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    Tag: laser cutting

    Laser drilling technology for aero turbine engine vane

    At present, different processing means and processing technologies constantly emerge. Although the traditional technical approach is also refining, it still can't satisfy the present processing demand. Laser drilling is the earliest practical laser processing technology. It is also one of the main application fields of the laser processing. The materials with high rigidity and melting point can't realize some of their technological requirements through the traditional processing means. However, it is totally not difficult to achieve through laser drilling.

    Laser technology on mobile phone

    Except laser cutting, laser welding and laser marking technology, laser drilling is also one of the most important processing technologies in the mobile phone manufacturing. Because the laser can concentrate the energy in a very small area and it is controlled through the computer, it is very convenient to satisfy the processing requirement accurately.
    laser technology on mobile phone

    Research for ultrafast fiber laser cutting lithium-ion battery electrodes

    It can be concluded that the nanosecond fiber laser has a bigger processing thermal influence to the soft materials like the battery electrode. Its laser beam is easy to cause big damage to the processing area and the surrounding area in processing. However, the picosecond fiber laser will bring fewer damages to the close areas in processing. It is feasible to employ the picosecond fiber laser to replace the traditional processing mean and the nanosecond laser in processing the electrode of the lithium-ion battery.

    Laser technology in electric car

    The automobile manufacturers adopt the advanced steel to weld the on-line laser welding system and employ the fiber laser cutting device to conduct deep processing of the auto sheet. The laser welding equipment of tailored blanks has the full-automatic feeding and blanking mechanical arm as well as the full-automatic workpiece matching organism. Coordinated with the fiber welding connection and welding seam tracking system, it is mainly used to process the metal material products and the sheet workblank of the inner and outer surface of the automobile.
    laser cutting machine for electric car body sheet

    Fiber laser cutter for sheet metal working

    The traditional cutting technology includes flame cutting, plasma cutting, water jet cutter cutting, linear cutting, punch processing and so on. As an emerging technology in the recent years, laser cutting irradiates the laser beam with very high energy density to the workpiece ready to be processed, so that the locality will be heated and melted. Then high-pressure gas is used to blow away the slag and form the cutting seam.

    Fiber laser technology for active carbon filter production

    The active carbon filter can absorb the gas, peculiar smell and pollutant inhalable in the air, including the potential dangerous and carcinogenic chemical products and so on. The indoor air will be filtered and cycled through the active carbon filter and then be returned to the surrounding environment or discharged to the outside. This air filtering mean has been certified by the environmental protection agency (EPA). It has become the first choice because of the outstanding adsorptive property of the active carbon, thus being widely used. With the increasing demand to the quality of the indoor air, the manufacturer of the air filtering product can manufacture the standard and customized-designed active carbon filter through the fiber laser technology, so as to reach the requirements of OEM customers. Through using the fiber laser cutting system, the processing speed of most components of these OEM customers has promoted for 60%.
    Fiber laser technology for active carbon filter production

    Fiber laser cutting machine for food processing machinery

    Compared with the traditional processing technology, the advantage of the fiber laser cutter in the food machinery manufacturing is extremely outstanding. The traditional processing mean requires die sinking, punching, shearing, bending and several other links. It has low working efficiency, big mold consumption and high operation cost. All these have hindered the steps of the food machinery industry to conduct innovative development.
    fiber laser cutter for filling machine