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    Difference Between Gas Analyzer and Gas Detector

    Different structure
    A gas detector has simple structures, consisting only of the sensor and sensor conversion circuit. However, a gas analyzer not only has sensors inside, but also has a complete set of pneumatic system, which introduces the sample gas into the instrument firstly and then discharges or retrieves the gas.

    Different detection methods
    The gas detector completes the detection by exposing the sensor in the detected gas or sample gas directly, while the gas analyzer introduces the detected gas or sample gas into the instrument for testing firstly in a special way and then discharges the gas.

    Different control methods for detection conditionsGas Detector
    The gas detector doesn't have the adjustment and control part of sample gas technological conditions, nor it considers the environmental conditions of the sample gas, but detects directly.
    The complete set of pneumatic system equipped in the gas analyzer and the exterior supporting equipment form a complete chemical process, internal part of the gas analyzer adjusts and controls the working conditions of sample gas comprehensively, so as to ensure the sensors to work normally and stably. And this is also the guarantee that the gas analyzer can obtain accurate data.

    Different operation methods in completing the whole detection process
    On applying the gas detector, the data can be obtained only by placing the instrument in the tested gas. However, the sample gas must be introduced into the instrument carefully when using the gas analyzer, then strict adjustment of technological conditions can be made, such as temperature, pressure, flow. Accurate detection data can be obtained only when the operator adjust the instrument to complete a stable chemical process, all data obtained before are incorrect and must be abandoned.

    Different ways to exclude interference factors in detection
    The gas detector works by exposing the sensor in air directly, it doesn't need to consider the interference factors in structural design and actual application. Moreover, it can't be designed to exclude various interference factors. However, the gas analyzer shall fully consider various internal and external factors affecting the detection in its design and application, and all the factors must be excluded carefully to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the detection data. Otherwise, it is not allowed or unacceptable for detection to ignore an influential factor.

    Different data accuracy
    The gas detector only provides qualitative analysis results and rough quantitative analysis data, the data shown by this instrument can't stand out and error analysis can not be carried out (because "error" is only applicable when the analysis data deviates from the true value slightly), therefore the data can't be used as an accurate analysis data to determine the improvement and adjustment measures of important process. However, the gas analyzer is a strict measuring instrument providing rather accurate data in quantitative analysis, and the data can used as the basis for improvement of gas production and safety production, to guide the production management, quality management and enterprise management. Moreover, such data can be used as an important basis for judicial investigation and can be used in litigation to determine the right or wrong boundaries.

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